WTB grey interior Trim for regal


Darth Vader
Apr 17, 2009
looking at redoing my interior. going to need all pillars front and back, center console, doors etc.. if you are parting out a gn or anything with grey interior gimme a PM.

this is going into a 1980 buick regal i believe it should fit from any g body. correct me if i am wrong.

thanks alot,
i have recently parted 2 cars with grey interior and also parted a couple gn's recently as well. plenty of grey interior 203 213 9126

i am in connecticut where are you?
unfortunately im way up in alberta, the canadian rockies.

how much would you figure shipping to be
international shipping is expensive!!! i recently brought a box to fedex 6"x6"x6" maybe weighs 2 pounds going to toronto canada ground shipment price was $68 if i wanted shipped via air it was $76 .needless to say i nearly fell over.if you have a usa address to ship to it will be a lot cheaper for you! otherwise shipping is cost you a LOT!!!!