WTB.. is there a new set of header for sale?


Looking for a good set of headers without breaking the bank. Anyone like to have some cash for something sitting on the shelf?
Oops.. I meant to say a set of good used headers maybe even some solid stockers would probably be alright but I’d rather have set of aftermarket’s like TA or ATRs
GN1 headers are probably the most affordable “good” headers. I used them on a budget build (turbo station wagon) and they’ve been great. Have a few thousand miles on them now, and the car made 532WWHP with the GN1’s.
I have a set of ATR stainless headers & ATR 3" stainless downpipe ( internal wastegate ). I'm running ATR headers and these headers were a spare set I picked up a while ago and never used them . I was using the ATR downpipe until I put in my new motor and switched to a 3.5" and an external wastegate . The downpipe is SwainTech ceramic coated .
Ik I went a little to crazy with the copper RTV but I don’t like how my current headers don’t allow the turbo bracket doesn’t line up


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That and where it put the DP it knocks my control arm and burns up my bushing


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