WTB, Mint Fast TURN KEY, Street race car!


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Jan 20, 2003
WTB A MINT low mile FAST and TURN KEY street race car. I would also be interested in a big tire turbo buick. The car needs to be turn key and need nothing, and that includes tuning. It needs to work well from a dig. Im looking for something that runs AT LEAST a mid 8. Anyone that has a car that fits what Im looking for, PLEASE call or text me info and feel free to email me pics svt162@hotmail.com. Please dont send me a PM on the forum as I more then likely wont see them for a while. I cant stress the enough! If you contact me and dont include a price. I wont respond.

Thanks Bryant
There's a stage 2 in the for sale section that seems to fit your needs. It's price tag is probably less than half of what it cost to build too. Oops...one I was thinking of sold, but just look through the cars for sale section and take a look at anything that says stage 2.
I'm not sure why, but there are a handful of 8-9 second cars for sale right now. It's weird, maybe just coincidence. A good time to buy one though...I would if I had the cash.