WTB Non Turbo A4 A/C compressor bracket


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May 10, 2017
Im swapping a 455 Buick into a 77 Lesabre and want to reuse the factory A/C compressor. Some of the guys on V8 Buick said that the bracket for the NA V6 would fit the 455 . If anyone has this please let me know. Dont come here often so if you could message me on messenger or email that would be cool Stephen Brisbois / itsjustbriz@aol.com

I have an extra vin7 (turbo) AC bracket if interested (not sure if it would work)?
Thanks for the offer. Its my understanding only the NA bracket will work.
Is that the engine you are putting in the buick?

Because that's an Oldsmobile engine.
You are correct sir. The pic is showing the compressor that I wish to reuse in the 77 car on a 70 455 Buick engine.