WTF.... Chris Kyle Murdered in TX!?!


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Jul 12, 2003
Ex SEAL - Chris Kyle "American Sniper"
was murdered at a Texas Gun range??? any of our Texas brethren have anymore info?

Crime of passion? When something like this happens in a public place with witnesses, That's blind rage. Usually over a woman.

It's too bad. Chris seemed cool.

Just talking about him the other day. His record for kills and such. After all he went thru overseas, and to have this happen.
Now they say killer was not a Marine, but former soldier; arrested & charged w/ capital murder
He murdered Kyle & another man at the charity event, shoot Kyle in the back (per news report)
Nemo me impune lacessit

Royal-T-Ltd said:
weird stuff happening lately o_O o_O

RIP , sad the guy was not only a top sniper, but a heck of guy who would help a veteran in a minute.