Xfi and trying to understand the A/F?


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Jan 12, 2012
I upgraded to Xfi with the motor change, over the summer. The problem is with A/F... I have a eDash for the Xfi and it reads A/F of 9.7-10.8. The target reads 12.8-14.4 The car is setup to run on pump gas and Alcohol.. If the target is asking for a 12.8 and it is reading 10.3 what needs to be changed??
If you purchased it from us, you need to call me and go through the initial startup procedures.
Cal, I must say I would be honored to have you help me thru the start up. Brian (bison) bought the xfi and whatever it needed... I spoke to Brian and he said it doesn't sound like anything more than a few tweaking going thru Maps (not sure if that's the name)... The car still made insane power, on pump gas... Thanks, for offering help, I do believe he purchased the system from you..
If purchased from us, we offer tech support, so call us. I put my cell phone# on the back of every xfi that we sell and take calls 24/7. If purchased elsewhere, we charge for tech support
Al I'd be happy to tweak your tables if they need it. I could do it live through your connected lap top if you can connect to the Internet. You would have to supply me a couple log files or I could access them through your laptop if they are in there. On our conversation yesterday you said the car had a/f in you low 10's and "it wanted 11's or 12's". I would highly advise that you don't attempt to change those targets or the timing schedule or serious engine damage could occur with 93/alky.