Xfi help needed

Very interesting fellow members. I also was just going to chime in and find out how to clean my mess up of the anti-seize. I got to get it out of there. I'll get some brake fluid and q-tips and get to work on it. I bet that has a lot to do with everything. Do I need to blow any air in the spark plug holes in case some anti-seize is lying against the piston or something or just clean the holes so that when I put the plug in it doesn't bump the anti-seize and screw things up. Thank you. I think we're on a good track
Non chlorinated BRAKE CLEANER!
Clean the excess from the threads with several big q tips dry, then with a few soaked in brake ckeaner, then dry with air. You could crank each cyl to tdc on compression, spray brake cleaner in the chamber with the little "straw" that comes on the can, then use a blow gun with a tube on it so the air goes in, and any residual comes out around it, blasting any residual out of the threads. I figured that out on my first set of Brodix heads back in 1987 or so, after I killed a second set of plugs! WEAR SAFETY GLASSES! That stuff burns in the eyes!
Good luck! May others learn from our errors!
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Well I finally got a chance to clean out all the anti-seize very thoroughly and cleaned off the new set of auto lite 103 plugs I had in there, and regap the plugs to 25. Took the car out and won't them. Behold, it seems to be running normal at about 16 lb of boost on the street. Will get it to the track next and see if we can't turn up the boost and not have any more of that breaking up issue. I'd like to thank you guys very very very much and have a good 4th of July and thereafter
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True true. True. Don't worry about me. I pass anything along that I can. I've always loved helping people out. I personally would have never thought that anti-seize would cause such a problem. And the word has already been passed to my Buick friends here in Cleveland and hope to be back at BG next year. Running strong and also helping the next guy
In the "FWIW" dept.
Depending on how far one wants to get into plug reading:
An "otoscope" from Amazon, the bag, is really useful when looking at the plugs.
And, it works well looking into inj filter baskets!:)
Get a good one with metal construction.
A step further:
Cut the threads off so you can read the fuel ring.
This one isn't cheap. It's also messy with the porcelain dust.
Note it comes with an otoscope.
Just posted to show the operation.
LOTS of info to be gleaned when the readings are combined with the data logs, etc.

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