XFI Mount in passenger kick area


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Looking for ideas on how to mount XFI in passenger kick area. Made a pair of plates to mount
XFI box and map sensor. Elected to mount controller box upside down to keep wiring at the
top and out of harm's way (see picture). This position leaves the Caspers unit 'hanging' on the opposite
side of the mounting plate (see picture). Looks like it would be fine in this position, however would
prefer to secure Caspers unit in some fashion? Can't build a box to slip it in, since wires exit at top
and bottom. Horizontal box would probably work. Ideally some type of a spring clip would be best, but
exact dimensions would be hard to find.
Any ideas are welcome.



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NOt sure what you're up to here. Are you showing how you fabricated the mount or asking if there's a better place/way to mount it?