Yaaay - Got some ink in the latest GMHTP magazine

TR Custom Parts

Mark Hueffman - Owner
May 25, 2001
They did a top 10 budget bolt-ons for the LC2 motor and they put a little section on our cold air kits on page 43. :) March 2006 issue.

Nice GN featured on page 46-7 has one of our horn buttons on it.
Good stuff Mark! I still didn't get mine yet! :mad: That one always comes late for me! Can't wait to check it out! :D
Top 10 items listed are all common know items,yet its amasing how well these engines responed to basic upgrades.Esp when compared to other vehicles listed.
Picked mine up at Barnes & Noble on Friday so it should be on the newsstand. Yeah, nothing earthshattering in the article but I will take the publicity. :smile:
Got mine today! One thing is for sure.. someone is a turbo Buick fan at GMHTP. Seems every month they pop up with a different GN and articles on them anymore.
Whats the deal with them running the same 93 firebird they ran a year or so ago? Surely there are other cars they can feature
Who's GN is that featured? A gal by the name of Julie?? Nice ride.
I wasn't sure if that was the same TB Firebird or not, but I was thinking why did they do another story on it if it was.