yet another stereo wiring question


all show no go
May 24, 2001
With my new amp and 2002 Camaro head unit... My new amp has the ability to wire the imputs speaker or patch cords.. BUT my head unit is a factory and has no RCA outputs. Would you....?
* install 2 speaker lever to rca outlets converters to my head unit and wire the amp via patch cord.. ORRRR
* just use the speaker outputs to imput the amp??What would sound better?

If your amp has high level input, just use the left and right + and - from you head unit. No need to waste money on patch cords and line level converters. Just make sure that you identify which ones are positive and negative on the head unit so you dont have "out of phase" problems with your input signals which will make your mids and bass soud terrible. Start out with your amp gains on the low setting before you tweak out head unit volume. I have done several vehicles this way and they sounded just as good as if you were using line level inverters and pre-amp cables.
The conversion electronics are already built into the amplifier.

The only way you could get better sound doing the converter to preamp input method, would be, if the aftermarket unit you buy (preamp converter) was extremely high quality compared to what's in the amplifier already.

I think you will be happy going direct to the high level inputs. :)
You're welcome Frank :cool: . Let us know when you fire that thing up!!! If you have any questions or problems, let us know. Good luck.
well since I have car shows just about every weekend til October, this is gonna be a winter project.. Im gonna remove the passinger seat so for me its a fairly indepth project.. Im also gonna add a cap to let the bass hit.. What do u think? Waste of $$ on a system as low powered as mine? (75 x 4 RMS, 200 x 4 peak)
You can add a cap if you want to but you really wouldnt need it till you start pushing over 400 watts. Make sure that your charging system is healthy so you wont have any problems with throttling your system.
Sure get the Cap. they look cool and help some.

For a show car get a fancy one lots of them out there. :)