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  • i needed money so i sold my t66 which i didnt have a cam to wake my car up better so i just sold it an put my t49 back in it, with a 2800 stall... for now i spoke to dusty at the time too he suggest me to had put a 206 cam, to get that bad boy going.. im stock internal
    did u send pics? did u ever calculate what the actual stall rating was in the car? i talked to dusty and he said make sure after u install it, that it is 3400-3600 stall and that some 3000 stalls end up being around 2200

    i want my GN to run past built ls1,ls2's all day if i chose too ...the only thing stopping me at the moment is building boost to slow
    hey man your inbox is full but may i ask why your getting a diff converter and went with a smaller turbo???
    my email is cain_steven@yahoo.com
    87 t limited T-top 100,000
    t66 turbonitecs
    front mount from hye-tech
    kenny bell cold air 14'' k&n
    60lb injectors with tt chip 91 at 16-19 pounds
    build trans with converter n/a
    hye-tech headers
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