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    1975 Regal Survivor,17k orig miles

    Very Cool..... Great Example, And As We All Know They Are Only Original Once :-D
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    Powdercoating gone wrong

    Powder Coating....Done Well Advanced Coating Processors (ACP) On County Line Rd. In Hatboro, Pa. Did An Awesome Job On My Wheel Well Moldings. I Was Worried About My Moldings, But They Put My Mind At Ease. I Got Them Back In A Week, With No Warping What So Ever. Extremely...
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    Powdercoating gone wrong

    Jim C. Thanks For The Info. & The General Area Where The Coaters Are. I Think I'm Going To Give Advanced Coating A Shot. I'm Going To Stress The Problems Discussed Here On The Forum. Also I'll Ask About The fluoride pretreatment. Maybe I'll End Up Scaring Him Off The Job, But It's...
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    Powdercoating gone wrong

    To Mr. C..... "I use 2 powder coating guys. One is fast and cheap the other is slow and expensive." Jim, Who Do You Use? Also How Much Are We Talking? How Slow Is Your Slow Guy? I Live Local To You. The Guy I Was Considering Was Advanced Coating On Street Rd. In Warminster...
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    Powdercoating gone wrong

    Powder Coating Advice..... Thanks For The Advice. Before I Took Them Off, I Drove Over To The Powder Coater To Show Him. He Asked If They Were Metal, I Assumed They Were. He Said No Problem Then. I Guess I Better Let Him Know They Are Aluminum.:frown: Also Would You Consider Our Moldings...
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    Powdercoating gone wrong

    Powder Coat-able Or Not? My Moldings Are Out Right Now Having 2 Dings Worked Out, Then I Was Going To Have Them Power coated. Are They Powder Coat-able? :confused: Has Anyone Had Them Coated Successfully?
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    Speedo 0-145

    Interested PM Sent
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    buick die cast sell off

    My Wish List... Interested in some gmp's : 87 GN, White GNX, 86/87 Dark Red Metallic T-Type (If You Have One) Light Chestnut T-Type...
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    86 87 Turbo Wheels 4 NOS caps

    Interested How Much To Ship To Furlong, Pa. 18925? Thanks:cool:
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    1985 Turbo Riviera

    Looks Good.... Price Seems Fair; But I Don't Know Much About Rivs.
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    1400 mile GN on ebay.

    Hopefully Whoever Buys This Time Capsule Can Continue To Preserve It.... Gorgeous Car & An Awesome Garage, I Wish I Could Afford To Build A Garage Like That :cool:
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    FELLOW member needs our help guys !

    Thanks Again For Posting The Link To The Contest Photo:redface: Let's See If If The TB Family Can Really Make A Difference:D
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    1993 GMC TYPHOON Sell/Trade

    Any Interior Photos You Can Post? Especially Of The Front Seats, If I Remember Correctly The Leather Wears Pretty Fast On Those Typhoons:frown:
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    Best car photos.......(photogenic)

    '86 T-Type (Dark Red Metallic) Taken in Talmar, Pa.
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    1987 Regal T-Type (V8) with 405 ORIGINAL miles

    T-Type w/ a V-8??? This I Gotta See:confused: I Thought T- Meant Turbo:confused: