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    Your three top irritating pet peeves about your Turbo Regal

    1) oil leaks 2) quality of some aftermarket parts, oem being very expensive 3) fear of being stolen, limits on where to drive it. 4) crappy factory paint But, I LOVE MY GN!!!!!
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    Early Thanksgiving Used Parts Sale

    Dennis, put me down for the hood shocks (gg) for $28 with just two questions. Are these used and if so, how old are they/how much use? They are for a Metal hood right? Thank you.
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    Possible scammer. Buyer beware

    Wow, thanks for the heads up!!
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    Life & Death of GN1987

    Any idea what may have started the fire? That sucks. Glad everyone is ok
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    Blue Orifice Tube or White? Which is best? R134A

    Lots of good information here. living in south florida, what orifice tube should I go with. Also, I need decent cooling at idle. I also read that a variable orifice is the best. I will be evacuating the system and refilling it with r134. It has a new r134 compatible dryer. I don't know what...
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    Notes from my a/c conversion

    Great write up! Thank you. Although I would love to have a/c come out that cold, I don't know if I would have done all you did. I guess I am getting lazy. lol.
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    Question for a/c gurus

    Yes, it was on max a/c and the blower on high. I also accelerated the engine and the pressure came down a little but when i let the engine idle, the pressure came back up.
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    Bowling green 2015

    Will do bryan
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    Bowling green 2015

    Thank you, glad to hear, me and a few buddies will be flying in.
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    Bowling green 2015

    Phoneguy, thank you, i was just wondering why there was not much talk here on Is this not a popular event? I thought it was.
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    Bowling green 2015

    maybe its me but i dont see anything related to this event here on this site. If i am wrong, please link it. I will be going to bg for the first time and i hope its still happening and not a wash. Not much traffic regarding this event. I hope i am wrong. Looks like its still on:
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    Looks Like anyone can run at the GS NATIONALS this year

    This will be my first buick event, i hope its not a waste of time and money. I know kirban will be there as a vendor but i dont think highway stars or gbody will be there selling. Like it was said, fans need to attend, if not, rice will be taking over cause at the end of the day, tracks...
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    Question for a/c gurus

    Gonna do that then, recover it and weigh it, before ithrow parts at it. Thanks.
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    Question for a/c gurus

    The a/c in my GN hasnt been cooling very good so i had a friend who mostly works on commercial machinery bring gauges and freon just in case my car was low on freon. I'll try to explain what he told me he saw: The low side started creeping up to 60psi and it should be around 40psi and the high...
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    11,000 mile one owner GN

    Congrats!!! I am not too crazy about the wheels either. You can always put the stock ones back on, sell those, and buy some you like or leave it stock since its low mileage.