0-4000rpm Timing ??'s


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May 24, 2001
I just received Direct Scan and somebody gave me a file of their car making a run to play with.
I noticed that while the car is idling the Spark Retard is like 24*. Then when they floor it it jumps to 32+* and stays around 32-34* until around 4000rpm where it falls to 18*. I'm guessng that 18* is the programmed timing in the chip but what is this 32-34* timing?
Wouldn't a car rev better from an idle if the timing was low??

well, some retard timing for a hotter exhaust in order to rev faster.

Some may believe that more advance will get the car moving quicker and that normal sized turbos don't need less than normal timing.

However, 32 degs until 4000 is far beyond anything I have seen and then a brick wall drop to 18 is really strange too.

What kinda chip is that...?

It ain't some version of a Thrasher, is it?
I have no idea what chip he uses and maybe he has "fixed" it by now... It seemed excessive to me also. Once it hit 4000 it droped to 18 like a switch was turned on and stayed around 17-19 all the way.. He may have it set up for alchy also. I dunno. This low rpm timing is programmed into the timing tables correct?
No big deal to me but I thought it was odd being that high.

I can't wait until my car is running again...:( This cold weather really sucks.
Another thing you have to account for is load. I program my chip with 35 Degree with less then 144 load on timming, but I have more like 24 with full load and that is my street chip.

We have gone well into the 30's on occasion but the drop to 18 is odd unless they were attempting to comp for ping on the shifts.

You SURE the lv8 didnt drop too?

[You SURE the lv8 didnt drop too?

Don't you mean, did you go from a low lv8 to a high lv8? The higher the load the less timing in all the chips I've seen.

IE lower lv8 higher timing& higher lv8 lower timing

The LV8 starts at 80 at idle then moves up to 155 before the timing "really" starts to come down at around 3000rpm. At approx 4000rpm the LV8 is approx 232.

I have no idea what any of this stuff means...lol..