10 Sec 87 Cybergray T


Go on red!
May 7, 2002
This is a car right on the edge. It's a pump 93 gas and alky injected street car that can lift the front tires at the track with the stock sway bars still attached. It would not take much to make it a full on race car. Right now it is a fast reliable driver for street driving. It has all the 9 second parts you could probably want, and it is easy to drive to the track, rip off run mid 10's from the foot brake, and drive home with the A/C on and phone plugged into the stereo. I race it about 2 or 3 times a year. Usually, I just take it out for lunch or coffee.

The build is brutal on the street. I'll try to follow the air flow describing it from start to finish to make sense of it all

4 inch K&N
4 inch Spectre LS7 slot maf sensor
Maf Translator set at 4 inch
4 inch industrial high flow tubing from blastgateco.com
Spectre 4 inch aluminmum bend
3-4 inch hose reducer
66mm TE45A w/ Precision .63 exhaust
CAS V4 stock location intercooler
3 inch TR custom parts up pipe
70mm thottle body
70mm Precision doghouse
Champion ported stock intake manifold
GN1 aluminum heads with individual studded "big block" roller rockers
GN1 valve covers
Shane's stock style spark plug wire set
TurboTweak 6.1 chip and scanmaster 2.2 with powerlogger 3 for engine/fuel management
Custom all stainless (including stainless flanges) ATR style race headers.
Billet hydraulic 210/210 on a 110 lsa roller cam
109 block, stroker built by Don Cruz
30 over JE pistons, K1 rods, forged crank
All billet main caps
RJC girdle
Stock oil pan
Precision remote turbo oil saver setup
Alkycontrol injection (on new pump) dual nozzle setup
HR parts left and right engine mounts
ARP studs and bolts on everything possible
ATR 3 inch external downpipe, Precision 39 mm wastegate, ATR bleeder boost controller
ATR dual 3 polished stainless steel exhaust, ATR 3 inch straight thru pit bull mufflers
Stock fuel rail, stock gas tank
RobbsMc 1/2 inch in tank anodized pickup tube to -10
Weldon 1100 with pre and post Weldon fuel filters
Aeroquip TFE SS teflon -8 feed and -6 return lines
Stock rail, fed with adapters (can return to stock if ever wanted to)
Aeromotive -6 return adjustable fuel pressure regulator and custom adapter
Cam sensor only has a couple thousand miles since GNS rebuild and has interrupter tab fix installed
BFJ balancer
SFI flexplate
3400 stall lockup 9x11 PTS converter
Pretty much full race 2004r BRF trans (no transbrake) hard parts, roller bearings, dual fed 3rd gear etc, deep PTS pan with custom rear filter pickup
1350 joints front and rear, PST aluminum 3.5 inch driveshaft
Metco driveshaft loop
Eaton limited slip and richmond gears 3.42
Moser 28 spline axles (all bearings, seals, and carrier new in 2011)
ARP long wheel studs
T/A rear end girdle cover to preload mains
S10 rear break cylinders, large shoes on both
Russell SS braided brake lines front and rear instead of rubber
KYB gas a just shocks
HR Parts lower rear control arms
Jegster adjustable upper rear control arms
Poly mounts in front and rear control arms
Tall lower front ball joints
Moog stock style upper front ball joints
84/85 GN Hydrobooster setup w/ new Fenco '81 Caddy master cylinder
Aluminum bumper brackets
Fiberglass bumpers
Clear front turn signal lamps
Smoothed doors, no side mirrors, panoramic rear view mirror instead (no blind spots)
No radio antenna hardware (mobile phone radio apps are better anyways)
SLP 17x8 Zr1 replica wheels with 245 45 Sumitomos up front and 275 40 Nitto NT01 rear tires
Gbodyparts black deluxe rear carpet kit
Corbeau CR1 microsuede reclining front seats, w/ optional dual slider
5 point twist lock seat belt harness
47 inch grey harness bar at stock upper location points
Jax recovered GN rear seat
Large style slide on center console armrest
New grey padded heavy carpet
T-Type embroidered floormats
Gbody parts ABS backed headliner (needs new fabric update)
Boston Acoustics 3 way 6x9 rear spearkers
3.5 inch dash Rockford Fosgate speakers
Alpine cd player with iPod/iPhone controller via USB input
GNS 3 gauge pod on dash
Autometer Tach bolted to GNS pod
Electronic Autometer Phantom vac/boost -30 in to 30 psi pressure gauge
Electronic Autometer Phantom fuel pressure gauge
Electronic Autometer Phantom oil pressure gauge
AEM wideband gauge
Wired for Casper's Knock gauge included

Ice cold A/C and warm heater.

Factory options- G80, rear defrost, power windows, power locks, tilt steering wheel.

Weight with me and a full tank of gas in street trim, 3565 #'s

You'll also get all my Buick parts, at least $500 in AN fittings, fender cover, all kinds of spare sensors from Maf to a GNS built spare cam sensor, spare wideband sensor, Denso narrow bands, barely used 3 inch cat converter, 6 15x7 T wheels, 2 vector 8.5 w/ MT 26x10 slicks, rear bumper w/ alum support, cut front alum bumper support, fender trim, bunch of spare chrome trim, air dams, upper radiator hose, stock airbox, 2 stock working mafs, powerlogger install disc, turbolink 4.0 and cables, chrome replica grill, selection of old prom chips, basically all my Buick stuff that I don't even know I have until I drag it all out. 3000 stall 9/11 spare converter...


Willing to only sell the proven engine longblock from throttlebody to oil pan with headers, balancer, flywheel for $10,000.00

THS and TAI legal setup

PM for contact info or email lc2nls6@gmail.com




Bunch of pictures in my signature links to come.
sweet ride but do u have any other wheels? no offense but their not doing ur ride any justice. where are the motor and interior pics?
I have 6 T wheels with no tires on them, and 2 vector 8.5 T wheels that come with it, with 26x10 MT ET Drags.

My historical pics of the car's journey. Have to scroll down to see more recent ones. I have lots of chrome trim if want to convert back to stock limited look a like.


I was thinking about having my wheels powder coated to a Corvette comp grey instead of the hyperblack that is on there now. It's always something. Most of the things I want to keep tweaking to the car, just cosmetic, like keep the driver door window from popping out a bit at 125 mph at the track. And install new sun visors.
Here's what it looks like with the chrome grill and T wheels. This was 28x9 MT ET Drags on stock rear T wheels and chrome trim.

I have to hit the track in December and log some stuff. I redid all the gauge wiring, and moved the alky settings since it was too early for turn on and initial was bumped up and lower gains would be lazy on the pump reaction. I should see near instant spool at the track now, and before it was only .250 sec from 0-20 psi boost...
I like the wheels on the car ! I know I've seen these before but can't place on them........ I didn't catch in the ad what kind/style they are ?

Anywho its a beautiful car.. GLWS
SLP 17x8 3rd gen Camaro/Gbody/S-10 replica ZR1 wheels. They don't make them anymore. I am thinking the new 17x9 cross hatch GNX style rims that are coming out would be killer too.
I will buy the wheels!!! I tried in the past tnz06 if you remember lol!!!! Or I'm willing to trade and work a deal if you want!!
who built the tranny and why are there no mirrors on the car? around here one wud get pulled over and ticketed every time you went out. this is a street car not a dedicated drag car.

lotta really nice parts tho and a solid engine. sure is tempting tho....
It looks cleaner with no mirrors, it has no blind spots either from what he said. Its called shaving the mirrors I think lol...I think the car is super nice, wheels and no mirrors
My wish list includes a backup camera. I have to back my car out at a 90 degree turn from the garage, straight for 50 ft, then through a fence gate, then an S shaped driveway and then the road. You basically drive on a centerline and aim for a target in the center by lining up the 3rd brake light to where you want to go backwards with no side mirrors.









Nice ride there, kinda reminds me of my car, but yours maybe about 1 shade darker and different rims.... TTT for an awesome ride!