10k mile TT/A

re: 1K sale

how much did you get for the 1K car ??? I have a 000385 mile TT/A and i havent gauged its value....Dave
Damn it guys.....drive those things.

Good luck with the sale. 10k TTA for 20k. Tempting.
re: decals and front plate

My car had no accommodatioins for a front license plate but i have new in box aftermarket front plate holder that came with the car and my stickers are still in the owners box. The car came with a case of original oil filters and the t-top shades are still in the unopened box as well. I was going to trailer the car to the TT/A MAGNA sponsored show at Cottons on feb 21st until i found out there isnt any accommodations to do this unless i was to park at the street.
I purchased this car back in 1999 for $16,000 dollars (It came with an appraisal of $25,000 dollars). The value of the car hasnt gone up much since then. The car had 250 miles on it at the time. I drove it 135 miles home. That was the sweetest ride i ever took. I expected to sell my other TT/A and ATR out the low mileage one. A month later ATR went out of business and there it sits. I show it to everyone who comes to buy turbo buick parts from me.......Dave Smith
I sold my 13K mile TTA last May for $19,500. I felt lucky to get that. I did not hve a lot of action on the car as I thought I would have for being for sale at the start of spring. But selling these cars is all about timing. Finding the right person at the right time.

Good luck with the sale.
Damn thats horrible.

I will turn mine into a daily driver before i sold it that cheap:redface:

Hope it went to a good home!

yup thats it, and the seller is listed as fcfcraleigh which "could" stand for Fast Cash For Cars where the car was origionally sold..... but who knows;)

Says it is being sold by a private seller, maybe twinvipers bought it of his dealership and is selling himself?
That was my listing. Just ended it. Someone stole it,but I wanted to free up some cash for other things.

Sold about 10 of my cars in the past 4-6 weeks.
$18k huh!!! Thats a steal. I saw it on ebay and I was figuring it would go higher. Times must be hitting you hard twin??:frown:
$18k huh!!! Thats a steal. I saw it on ebay and I was figuring it would go higher. Times must be hitting you hard twin??:frown:

Times are actually not bad for me. I bought the car for 16000.00 just 2 weeks ago. Bought this one to sell. Thought I would make more,but wasn't going to turn away ANY profit in this economy. It sold to another dealer.

Selling some of my cars just to pay off a mortgage I have on a commercial building. Tired of paying interest.