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i quite didnt know were to put this im new hear but i have a 1986 buick century gs that i am redoing i have the motor rebuilt im saving money for the transmisson to get redone its front wheel drive. i cant find any info on this car :confused: if anyone has any info i would apprieciate it thanx. ill post pics up in a day or two.

I know they made a Century T-Type but I am unaware of the "GS" being used again until the early '90's Regals. Rebadged? :confused:
One year only option for the Century. The engine is more or less a NA version of the 86-87 IC motors. It uses most of the same engine sensors and the same ECM. It uses the basic 8445 casting head with the newer center hold down valve covers. The old style even-fire camshafts will work in the block too. Tons of engine stuff out there for it. The transaxle is the THM440-T4. You might have to ask one of the tranny guys but I do believe some of the parts from the newer 4T65E in the 97 and newer Regal GS 3800SC will work. Lots of potential there to work with. Here is some more info: http://home.flash.net/~rjgeorge/86gs.htm
thanks for the replies people couple Q's whats a na version and what is a ic motor and can i turbo this motor with the stuff found on a gn and does anyone make headers for this fwd motor? thanx again.
86centurygs said:
thanks for the replies people couple Q's whats a na version and what is a ic motor and can i turbo this motor with the stuff found on a gn and does anyone make headers for this fwd motor? thanx again.
NA = Naturally Aspirated, no booste
IC = Intercooled, 86-87 Turbo Buick
Turbo... yes but its going to take some work as your engine layout is totally different from the rest of the turbo Buick world. Pistons will work, though I think you'll need Turbo Trans-Am pistons. Your computer sounds like it will run a boosted motor with the right chip. The big problem you are going to have either NA or Turbo is headers.
If your building this engine for turbocharging i'd put in the GN style pistons that JE or TRW (similar) makes also a GN camshaft (206) to 208 grind ... good timing chain ect. All things should be machiened and set to GN engine spec's.

You'll need a program like Tuner Cat So you can change injector sizes,fuel and timeing maps along with many other perameters. Xtronics has the "pocket romulator" that allows you to use a laptop to program with tuner cat.

GN chip "might" work.. Need to speak with someone who has actualy tried it. Guess for 50.00 it's worth a shot. But your still using someone else's tune with a chip.
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator and other basic GN tuning items .. 225-340L/hr fuel pump
I'd purchase a wideband for sure to tune it with.

Your factory "headers" or maifolds will work with some fabrication. Need to look into fitment of a frontmount Intercooler and the intercooler pipe routeing.
Definatly a "do-able" project that would make front wheel tire roasting a daily event!
E-mail me with any questions,

Scott Klepinger,
Elkhart IN.

other helpfull links:full throttle speed and style
Chips and stuffChips... Pocket Romulator
I've been toying with the idea of turbocharging one of these cars. Buick actually did a few concepts back in the 80's. I would take the same approach they did. I would use the basic parts from one of the 84-85 hot air Rivieras. You already have the FWD version of the 109 block already so that would be the only part I would keep. Transfer everything over. Seems to me this would be a piece of cake with the only real hard fabricating being the downpipe. I've posted a picture of the Riviera engine. Imagine this same motor turned tranverse and you get the idea.
The hot air intakes have very poor flow with out alot of material removal. The turbo sits too high for the front wheel drive cars hoods.

The stock FWD manifolds will work great.
So will the stock exhaust manifolds.
If someone's already got the engine torn down and needs built .. build the block and heads like a standard GN engine.

If the existing engine is good...leave it alone... you'll find the limits of boost when you get into detonation with what grade fuel you use.

I drive my 89 Nissan with 13lbs of boost on pump gas daily all internals stock... only the exhaust being re-routed to the turbo and tuneing.
I've got over 30,000miles on it being boosted reading 213,000 now.

I may have the opertunity to do a turbo setup on a 90 Riviara soon... I'm just starting a GN engine into a Buick Sky Hawk today.

i got to quite beinng lazy and get pics up asap, by the way u guys are great everyone laughs at me around hear when i say im redoing a 1986 buick CENTURY but they dont know :cool: the engine is completely rebuilt bored .30over and everything i just got to get the transmission done and new fuel injectors will stock or aftermarket fuel injectors for a gn work on my century? clean and install the interior. new wheels i cant wait
Try and setup everything you'd like to do one time. It's much less expencive that way. If your realy wanting a larger turbo and thinking "I'll upgrade later" you will but you also will be spending twice as much money.

Research and buy eveything ONE time.

A TA49 turbo will support 550hp flows 800cfm and has a minimal stall difference than the stock GN turbo.
I'd run that turbo with 36-42lb/hr injectors
You'll have to use a chip to upgrade to a larger injector
Or the "pocket romulator" I mentiond above and Tuner Cat.
Adjustable Fuel pressure regulator
225-340lb/hr fuel pump (in tank)

Don't forget to make a oil return in your oil pan before re-installing it!!!!
Or a place on the block (if avlb)

People made fun of my Maxima untill they saw it spanking a Ford Lightning truck at US 41 last summer (my 13.40 pass :) )

They don't laugh anymore :D

Plenty of hot airs pushing 20PSI through that intake! One correction I need to make on my post. The turbo spec crank will not work in the 110 casting FWD block! The flywheel flange is different. There are a couple of TR's running 10's on a stock NA crank so I would imagine yours would to with the right parts and machine work. If all else fails any of the 3800SC engines would be a bolt in too!
some pics


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I remember seeing one of these in a salvage yard i worked at long ago.
was a low millage car that was a light hit in front.
never sold any parts off it and it sat for a few years then was crushed.
Way cool.....

I think I saw one of those when I was a kid here in town at the Buick dealer when my dad bought a regular Buick Century... (rose wood color) I think we even test drove the one like yours....

If you want to sell it some day let me know!

I have seen your car on Car Domain and I have all 3 of my cars on there as well. I am about to go pick up the 3rd one in the next few weeks. Of the 1029 made, This will be my 3rd one,of which I will have 2 now..
You might have to ask one of the tranny guys but I do believe some of the parts from the newer 4T65E in the 97 and newer Regal GS 3800SC will work. Lots of potential there to work with.

After re-reading this thread, What is the possibility that a supercharged motor could work in one of these with the SC transmission? Wonder if the motor mounts and trans mounts would work?
I'd say it's do-able. Your 86 cradle(subframe) was used all the way up to 1996 on some models with the Series1 and 2 3800 so with the correct motor and tranny mounts the basic powertrain would be a plug and play anyway.
I can't wait to see the pictures when you finish :D. This is definitely going to be a sleeper.

Since this thread was started in 2006, and ended in 2007, I'm wondering if there ever was a finish to the project??