1986 Regal Front Coil Springs

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Aug 17, 2009
Who knows who makes replacement FRONT Coil Springs that one could install to "raise" the trim UP an inch or 2 on an 86 Regal ? *My front end sits too low and I wondered if I'd be better suited to add rubber spacers at the Coil bottoms, or just replace the coil springs. The general opinion is that a Moog "heavy duty" spring will NOT accomplish this.

(installing these just make for a stiff ride / vrs. effecting trim height). *So I'm told*

Thanks in advance for any input.
The ride heights are measured at the rocker pannels just behind the front wheels and just in front of the rear wheels. It should be between 9 & 1/8" and 10 & 5/8". If you measure below that check the body bushings which are usually toast and/or rotten frame mounts for issues.;)
Hi ! ("ACE") :- )

I'll check that, but what about personal preference ? "I like the front up a hairpin more then normal".
(The back end too) *The bushings are fine. That inch or so makes a big difference to me personally.

The measurements will tell you if the springs are worn out so that needs to be first before picking springs. If they're worn out then the car will be lifted up with nes springs but if not then new springs may do nothing like what you're after.;)
I removed the lower control arm and installed a rubber "stool" at that same point ... (1 inch think) "I like the trim a lot better now".
These sit in the spring "pockets" and everything's the same EXCEPT you increase the trim height. *(in this example about !')

Anyway ..........:confused: Thanks.