1987 Buick Regal - WE-4 Type T


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May 24, 2008
Offered for the first time by original owner... College is coming for my son. Purchased new from Rich Hedlund Buick in Lake Geneva, WI.
Original WE4 Type T Turbo (one of 1547) black hardtop, blackout trim package with original paint. The Type T is far more rare than the Grand National and was only offered in 1987. In all tests it outperformed a Grand National, as it was several hundred pounds lighter. Other than it’s cousin the GNX, this was the fastest car produced by Detroit in the 1980’s.

Body is straight and clean, there is no rust anywhere, just a few small door dings and typical wear from a 25–year old vehicle. 54,000 original miles, has been garage kept for last 15 years but started, warmed-up and run regularly. Starts prompt and runs smooth, air blows cool. Car has the original turbine wheels with caps with Firestone Firehawk SS tires.

Headliner, shifter handle, catalytic converter, powermaster brake cylinder, Cloyes double roller timing chain set, oil pump and belts and a few other small replacement items have been installed over last few years.

Several bolt-on performance enhancements; Walboro fuel pump & hot wire kit, Bosch hi-pressure regulator, 9mm plug wires, heavy-duty turbo hoses, large diameter chrome inlet with ATR ram-air kit & K&N filter, ATR Pit Bull stainless dual exhaust, ATR Pit Bull chip, shift-improve kit. I have most of the receipts for upgrades replacements.

Now the fun part... Two-time IASCA World Finals qualifier in Amateur 251-500 watt class. The stereo was installed and upgraded over four years in nineties; all the gear except new head-unit was designed and installed by Kartunes in Milwaukee, WI. It's filled with vintage, highest quality components that can't be matched today for sound quality. The system is designed for the purest and received the highest scores for staging, imaging and sound quality at nearly ever show attended. It will play loud, but it doesn't go BOOM!
System features new Kenwood KDC-496 head unit (with iPod & USB inputs) Audio Control 4.1 in-dash parametric equalizer and ESP-3 center channel processor in-dash.

The custom upholstered trunk features Audio Control 4XS Crossover and two EQT 30-channel equalizers that feed into 480 watts of Soundstream power (back when Soundstream was a quality American made product.) Two MC-140 (35w x 4) using six channels to drive the three-way MB-Quart 6.5 inch speakers in the doors and two channels to drive 5.25 inch two-way's in the rear. Soundstream D200II pushes 200 watts mono into a pair of Soundstream Reference 10" subs in custom trunk enclosure. A Monolithic PA100 drives 20 watts into another MB Quart 5.25 inch two-way set in the dash.

There is a 120-amp alternator feeding into a Soundquest isolator to keep car and stereo separate with two Soundstream circuit breakers under the hood. Second battery and 800mf capacitor in the trunk drive the audio system. All power and speaker wires are Soundquest and all interconnects are custom-made, silver soldered Soundstream DL-1.

Show-quality custom upholstered doors and complete truck by Kasper Auto trim of Waterford, WI. Kasper is famous for his street rod interiors. All-told over 400 hours of labor and over $20,000 invested in sound system and custom interior. Car was pictured in October 1993 Car Audio and Electronics magazine at the 1993 IASCA Eastern Regional.

This car is a blast to drive; it's quick and will eat most Mustangs, Camaros and Chevelles that cross its path. It has not been raced hard or beaten. While it's not quite up to show quality anymore, it’s a great driver and with a little TLC and some clean-ups it could be back up to that level again. I can guarantee there is no better way to enjoy a Friday night cruise with your iPod loaded with your favorite songs.

Asking $16,500, which is less way than half of my total investment. Call Perry @ 262-930-9708 or phintz36@wi.rr.com Send e-mail for more photos.
Ok.... 250 views and no comments or anything.... Asking price dropped to $17,500.
I'll comment - "wow!"

Looks like a fun ride that has been kept up nicely, wish I had the room! GLWS

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Looks like a really nice car with low miles but the sound system is way more than most people want . Your better off removing it and selling the car for less with just a basic radio and speakers... Just my 2 cents.
I agree it's a very nice car but not with the extra weight. Not on a turbo Buick especially a WE4!
I've thought about tearing the system out, but would need a bunch of rework and new panels to return to stock. With the cost I estimated out, I figured I'd try first with it still in.

All that weight is right over the rear wheels..... No more tire spin! :)
Ok.... 250 views and no comments or anything.... Asking price dropped to $17,500.

my opinion is too much money for the mileage and the economy. also its no longer stock. i know i wouldnt want all that stero stuff in my car and i would also want the stock doorpanels on the car. the atr airbox stuff is kinda dated. the stereo stuff looks like it was done awesome but its cost doesnt add value to the car.
this is just my .02
my opinion is too much money for the mileage and the economy. also its no longer stock. i know i wouldnt want all that stero stuff in my car and i would also want the stock doorpanels on the car. the atr airbox stuff is kinda dated. the stereo stuff looks like it was done awesome but its cost doesnt add value to the car.
this is just my .02

Agreed! Pull all the radio stuff out and sell car for less. 95% of the people on here buy these cars for performance and dont want that extra weight esp. on a we4.

Advertise the radio stuff on a donk forum/craigslist, it will sell!
Thanks for the responses, I guess have been looking at the cost of new door panels, dash panels, etc. labor, ie; restoring the car to what WILL sell and it doesn't make sense vs. what I can get for the gear & the car separately. I'm better off dropping my price on the car.

Once you hear it, you wouldn't want it to go away, to re-install the gear would take hundreds of hours to sound that good again. I'm in a $40,000 pickle.
Leave the interior alone and just gut out the trunk( that's where most the money is right?) stock regals only have a thin mat and that's it....maybe install a stock rado or inexpensive cd player. That's what I would suggest. Post interior pics also, dash, seats .
dont gut out anything. Leave the car alone and the right buyer will come. The car is very well done and let a person who can appreciate this level of quality buy it.
I sent you a PM, I might have a buyer for you, but once he sees all the stereo "extras" it will be a turn off.
Ha....that's funny..."i have a buyer but in reality i don't"

Ha... that's funny..." This guy is trying to help, and I will post something, I have no clue what I am talking about, but will just post"

If you have further ass...e comments send it to me in a private message, let's not thread crap on this For Sale thread.
Easy on the names buddy I was just saying that for such a good car everyone is picking it apart... this and that being said about the sound system like it's a build Ur car to suit the buyer... These posts or what they r4 to post even so me saying that just brought it to the top if the seller of the car has an issue then he can tell me to stop... Had nothing to do with the previous post I was just stating that it's funny everyone has 1 small issue with the car...glws to the SELLER
Very nice car.:cool:

Like others, the high-po stereo setup will take some time to find the right buyer. Looks like it was VERY well done, though.
I'll post my 2 cents

I'm away from home without computer and only viewing on an iPhone so limited in my viewing capability

But my comment is - it will sell
Everything can sell eventually

Now not in a week or without a little hassle
If you need to sell something quick, either market the heck out if on every venue possible and / or use the great equalizer
Lower the price, which considering all the mods, I'm sure you hate to do

17500 is perhaps just a tad rich for a decent WE4 properly modded buts by no means outlandish

From my own personal prospective, someone who owns 3, and owned 3 previously, that 12k is the sweet spot
10 or so if I can
If I showed you my WE4 T Top that I stole for 9500 you'd probably cry
But those deals don't come every day

But I personally am a big fan of a rocking stereo system, since to this old rocket, that was sort of a shortcoming in our cars from the factory.
I'd leave it

It's a crazy market since just about any upgraded, properly maintained TR has 20k in it; the market is not paying that.
I don't see it as the economy as much as its such a niche market
So many other people want the dreaded Chevy Chevelle or ...uggghh...67 mustang
So our cars lack just a little of that sheeple mass appeal
Other than when everyone stops me at every gas station and wants to tell me how badly they wish they had one that is

Hang in there
It'll sell

And I for one damn sure wouldn't be ripping and cutting anything out.
As if I were to sell one of mine and I start taking chrome pieces off and all the many thousands of upgrades to meet a certain market

Any vintage car can be a conundrum
It's really easy to have 40 grand in a 20 thousand dollar car