1987 G.n. For Sale., 900 Original Miles.


Jan 19, 2007
1987 Grand National with Nine Hundred (900) Original miles. All paperwork from day one. Car is all original and is mint. $38,500.


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Clean car.Good luck with the sale but I dont see a T Top car bringing that kind of $$$$.

Sweet car though!
Beautiful car and extremely "well kept" clean under the hood. Good luck on the sale. If that was a solid roof, I would probably be on your doorstep this very minute. I am sure that somebody is looking for an extremely low mileage t-top.
why does every bash this guy, is it because you wish you owned that car.

Dont sell it keep it.
Looks like a fair price to me for a NEW GN. You couldn't buy a decent used GN & restore it to that condition for that price.
Great looking car. Hope you get what you want for it. That has to be one of the nicest GNs in existence. :cool: I remember when my car looked like that. Long time ago. :p
Wow, thats just beautiful! I too think it's priced too high but thats only becuase I cant afford it at that price....lol. If I had that kinda of money I would have no problem parting with it on your car. Where are you going to find a brand new 87 GN anywhere for any price! Sweet ride 4 sure! GL w/sale.
very nice car bro! keep it if u can it's like money in the bank unless you are cashing out now, it's only gonna go up in value.
jsgn,awesome car,very clean!there are those who set prices and those who follow,good luck!
i also wish i had the money very nice car and good luck on the sale.