1987 Grand National - Tennessee


May 2, 2011
Hello All,

Up for sale is my 1987 Buick Grand National. It has 141k miles but is in very good condition given the mileage. It has factory T-Tops and power locks and windows. It is in good, rust free condition but has small scratches and paint chips. The car spent most of its life in Florida, then North Carolina, which is where I bought it from.

It looks good, but I would consider it to be a 5-10 footer. I planned on getting it painted to bring it to "show quality" condition but given my current priorities, I won't be able to do that for a long time, which is why I'm selling it. I will miss it dearly.

It is in good mechanical condition and has been well maintained. It runs perfectly, is a comfortable cruiser and is fast too! I had the air conditioning serviced/charged last year and it worked great, but after sitting, it's not cooling again, so it must have a slow leak. There are a host of performance upgrades (listed below) that were chosen to improve the performance without affecting normal drivability in any way.

I've included some photos, I can take more if you'd like. I have much more info on my website and in my videos, which you can find at http://gn.turbomirage.com

I'm asking $13,500 obo and will include everything below plus a big box of stock parts. I am not interested in any trades at this time.

UPDATE - THE CAR IS LISTED ON EBAY! Here's a link to the auction.

Body / Exterior
Stock exterior with T-Tops
Rear X braces
Tinted windows

Engine / Transmission
Stock 3.8 liter V6 engine
60 lb/hr fuel injectors
TurboTweak chip
Comp Cams 980 valve springs
RJC Power Plate
H&R PartsNstuff motor mounts
Precision Stock Location Intercooler
Walbro high pressure in-tank fuel pump with rewire kit
Accufab rising rate fuel pressure regulator
Hallman ES manual boost controller
AlkyControl progressive alcohol injection system using a Coolingmist VC-II Controller
LS1 Mass Airflow Sensor & MAF Translator
K&N air filter with 3" intake pipe
Precision TE-44 Turbocharger
GBodyParts.com 3" downpipe.
2.5" Hooker cat-back exhaust system
Custom flanged off-road pipe
Rebuilt transmission with shift improver kit
PTC 10 inch 2800rpm lockup torque converter
B&M Supercooler transmission cooler
Metco driveshaft loop
Stock, rebuilt posi-traction rear differential
New F-body radiator, 160 degree thermostat radiator hoses and G-Body parts silicone coolant hoses
Many other small maintenance items like brakes, spark plugs, fuel filter, new vacuum lines, valve cover gaskets, etc.

ScanMaster 2.1
Innovate wideband O2 sensor
Coolingmist VC-II digital progressive alcohol injection controller/boost gauge

Wheels/Tires Suspension
16x8 American Racing "GNX style" black mesh/chrome wheels
Kuhmo ECSTA Tires
KYB shocks
2" drop front spindles
UMI Performance upper and lower rear control arms
Also have stock GN wheels with new street tires in the front and new Drag Radials in the rear

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions.



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but if you sell it that means no more videos:cry::cry::cry: . This car is gonna make someone really happy. bump for a fellow VOL, I went to school in Bristol right near thundervalley
You get your own show or something Tom? I will miss seeing you wrench on this car. I agree; you will miss it.
Sorry to see you are selling it but thanks for the videos and congrats to the new owner!
Great buy for someone GLWS , I am sure you have nite mares after it is gone but someone will have a nice ride .
If your a Turbo Regal guy i'm sure you have seen Toms videos, i know i have, GLWS Tom.
Thank you for the excellent support and kind words everyone! I'm sure I'll own another Grand National someday. This is a great car and I will always be a Turbo Buick lover!
Love the videos Tom...they helped me out while I was sorting out the '87 GN I recently purchased.