1987 white Turbo Regal with factory chrome package- $15,750 OBRO

Evans Ward

Love those LC2/ Y56 cars!
Super nice and rare uniquely factory optioned 1987 Buick Turbo Regal. 110,500 miles on the chasis and around 6000 since the engine was rebuilt. Have window sticker and other documentation to back the car's pedigree. Matching #'s engine and transmission. Trans has also been beefed up to handle mild engine mods. Mods include: RJC power plate, 36 pph bluetop injectors, PAC Razor Alcohol injection system, Duttweiler big neck stock intercooler, Turbo Tweak ally chip, Earl Brown MAF tube with large K+N air filter, TA49 Turbo, PTE Turbo Saver filtration system, Mease 3" downpipe, Boost Commander boost car ntrol unit, 2 3/4" dual exhaust, polished factory T wheels, air bags, drive shaft loop, rear seat braces and under hood braces, tall extra capacity matching blue console, scanmaster 2.1, boost/ vacuum gauge on A pillar, coolant and oil pressure gauges on T Top panel holder, Casper's audible knock detector, steadfast collar guard, Kenwood AM/FM CD player with remote unit, T Top car (locking) with removable interior shades and factory bags for tops, concert sound speaker option with Polks (all 6). Is a factory chrome trim car and looks like a Limited from the exterior but has buckets/ console inside with floor shifter. No rips/ tears in the nicely maintained blue interior. Rare with T Top option with heavy padded landau top. White exterior paint presents very well (one repainted) but has a few small chips/ blemishes. No rust. Car had all Body bushings replaced and rides well. Runs strong and will drive anywhere. Heater and cold AC! Power antennae not presently working but will come with a rare GM cable repair kit. Extras to go with sale include a premium car cover and some assorted spare parts.I do not have the original parts taken off the car. History of the car is known since new and I have owned it (mature adult) the past 17 years. This is a nice and unusual Turbo Regal. Very much the sleeper Turbo Regal! I seldom drive it anymore and would like to see it go to a good home. $15750 OBRO. Please no low ballers or trades. Car is located in Macon GA which is 75 miles south of Atlanta and in the center of Georgia.


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Thanks Keith! Also forgot to mention the car has factory cornering lights which really light up the road at night with the turn signal on.

For those that attended the Reynolds GA Silver Dollar Raceway in the past, this car was always there as I live 30 miles from the Reynolds track.
For those that attended the Reynolds GA Silver Dollar Raceway in the past, this car was always there as I live 30 miles from the Reynolds track.

That's a blast from the past!
I haven't seen you since. Hope all's well. Are you moving on to another performance ride?
^ Hi Chuck! Been doing pretty well here. I don't have anything in mind yet as to a future vehicle. As you and many know..... much of the excitement is in the hunt! Will sit on the sale $ until a later time. I have two motorcycle restorations to finish and have a square body GM truck to finish up too. Can get my LS fix from wife's daily driver- TBSS. Hope all is well for you?
digging the shiny wheels! What was done to them?
They are polished out original T wheels. Story was that the original owner (female school teacher from Hickory NC) neglected to clean the front wheels and brake residue had scarred them. 2nd owner from Atlanta who is a member here, had these and one more set polished out by someone in the ATL area. They really compliment a chrome trimmed Turbo Regal.
Dang Evans can't believe you are selling it! Super nice car folks, no disappointments!

Thanks for the compliment and support Doug. It was a tough decision to place it for sale as I've owned it for 17 years. Needs to go to someone who will not let it sit as a garage queen and use it. Kinda just ready for a change.

Car has PW, PDL, tilt wheel, white faced gauges throughout, LED gauge lightning as well as LED interior lights, factory LED boost bar gauge works accurately and has numbers recalibrated for 3 bar MAP/ alky, professionally tinted windows, locking T Top panels with key, wheel locks, anti theft devices, locking fuel filler, stay down license plate in back, tires are 235-60-R15 all the way around. 5 gallons on VP Methanol in container will also go with the car. Lots of documentation as well.
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Engine machine work was performed at K&P Machine Shop in Augusta GA- owner retired recently and closed shop- was one of the best in the SE US. Engine rebuild was done by Mike Waters (Black Demon) of North Augusta SC. I assisted Mike in the process. Still on stock bore. Transmission work by Sid Neal of Neal's Racing Transmissions in Snellville GA (near Atlanta). Retained the original 200-4R. Only raced one pass- see signature line below for ET. Lot of car for the money- no disappointments. I may make a video once the weather turns nicer here.