1987 white Turbo Regal with factory chrome package- $15,750 OBRO

Would someone here who is tech savvy be willing to volunteer to receive my video by email, convert it to an accepted format extension for this site, and post it up on this thread? Video is about 3 minutes long. I'd be most appreciative!
******* price reduction to $13,000*******

Serious Interested parties who would like to receive the 3 minute video of the car, please PM me your email address. Don't be afraid to make an offer too. Nice rare car that looks and runs good that needs a new happy owner and home. It is a classy sleeper.
The only rust on the car falls under the lip of the rear deck trunk lid. It is not embedded and is surface rust. Had this surface rust when I bought it 17 years ago and no progression since then. Car is garaged and is not driven in inclement weather. Southern car its whole life. One of the previous owners also put clear POR15 over some of the seams not seen when deck/ doors are shut. The POR15 has turned brittle and can be removed with your fingernail. This car is 30 years old and is not a show car, just a nice driver that one can use without being paranoid. It is an honest car.

The car is turn key ready to drive and enjoy. Motor and trans are both strong. I raced the car once just to confirm my suspicions it was a 12 second street car on radials/ pump gas/ alky and the ET backed that up. Feel that with drag radials and a good driver, high 11's are very possible. The only issue I know of is that the instrument panel red brake light will flash sometimes when applying the brakes. It still has a powermaster system with a new style accumulator ball and newer brake switch. The brakes always feel strong and stop the car confidently.


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Evans let me know if the sale falls through. Thanks for taking the time to discuss the car with me over the weekend. I miss the track seen down there, S Carolina, Silver Dollar, and Atlanta were some good times back in the late 90's.
congrats to the buyer and seller. This car would make an awesome daily. I was day dreaming about upsetting 5.0 and camaro owners in a white/chrome vinyl top regal since I saw this add. Really neat car and FUN street sleeper.
Look for this classy sleeper boostin' very soon near Pittsburgh PA!! I said my sweet goodbyes and wished her well. New owner is a great guy who will appreciate this rare Turbo Regal as I did. Adios.....
I am in Pa. If the new owner wants PM me and we could meet at the Kirban open house. Would like to see this one in person.

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This is one of those regret car's! You know the one you regret selling and you darn sure regret not buying! Man what a sweet car! I wish it had come a couple of months from now as my timing was just off here! But man beautiful car that would be an absolute blast to own and drive!!

Hope the new owner loves it up good!!

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"I'm the proud new owner of this unbelievable t type. Bought this from Evans sight unseen. Got car home last week. Car is everything Evans said it was. After talking to him on the phone for a week, I knew this car was the real deal. He also gave me lots of extras and all the paperwork for the car. Evans is a great seller and I'm glad I got it from him. Can't wait to cruise around Pittsburgh boostin away!!! Look out for me tearing up the highway. Car is in excellent condition, motor runs very strong. Will have lots of fun with this car. Look out for the old guy he might get ya. Thanks for the sale Evans." Pete