1987 white Turbo Regal with factory chrome package- $15,750 OBRO

Let's see if we can stoke the embers some and increase activity here. Price reduction to $14,500. That's $1250 off the initial asking price of the car. You will never see another Turbo Buick optioned just like this one! Drive with class and fly beneath the radar with this car. I've been around these cars since 1986 when I purchased an 86 GN new off the lot. Had way more fun with this white sleeper car than I ever did with my GN! A few more pics attached.


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I truly dig the car in so many different ways . Its just a kool sleeper TR . If I had the $$$ I would be owning it :) But if I had the money I would own them all ;)
Thanks Turbo Keith! Yep, all the Turbo Buick are cool but the rare and unusual ones hold a special place in my heart. If I purchase another later down the road after the sale of this one, it just might be a special Limited column shift car.

Changing the subject...... can someone tell me how to edit to be able to change wording/ price in the thread title here??
I dont see a posi rearend or g80 code is this correct?

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You are correct that from the factory it did not have G80/ posi. Shortly after I bought it, I purchased an Eaton unit and had a pro install it. It retains the stock 3.42 gears/ rear end ratio with the posi.
Please direct any offers direct to me (and not on this thread) by way of private message/ conversation- thanks.
How do I edit the thread title to show lower price? Can't seem to do it from edit button on 1st/ initial post. Thanks for help here!
Price reduced to $14,000 Folks- this is a very nice car with a super nice interior. Engine/ trans are healthy and strong. Proven old school combo that works- Razor's alky really wakes it up! Tuned for pump gas/ alky runnng 24 PSI boost with no detenation. Has about 3-4 rock chips/ blemishes on the car. One of previous owners used some clear POR15 on seams not seen when trunk is shut. Looks like it may come off. Lots of junk out there- this car is NOT one of those! Only thing it needs are new window sweeps as current one are fully intact but have some cracking. Tire thread has about 50-60% left on them. I have been around these cars since 1986 and keep all my stuff we'll mantained. Fly in to Atlanta Hartsfield airport, take Groome transportation from airport to Macon (they leave every hour there) and I can pick you up at Groome in Macon to my residence. Clear title., loads of documentation, and some freebies going with deal. Drive the car home! Surprised there has been so little interest in my car. Have had no one want to come see, inspect, and test drive.


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Man Evan you do have a sweet car and I plan to add to the garage but have other irons in the fire , 2 college and upgrades on the house . I am also surprised you have not had more interest . Bump for a nice car , Keith
A few more pics. This is a cat convertor delete car as my county in my state does not have emissions testing. I do not have the original cat convertor.

Car needs a new home and caretaker. You will have loads of fun with this sleeper Turbo Regal!


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Still available. Found several other large parts that will go with the car. Will try and get some pics of all of the extras as well as a video of the car running.
Pics of extras that go with sale of car......


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