1987 white Turbo Regal with factory chrome package- $15,750 OBRO

"I'm the proud new owner of this unbelievable t type. Bought this from Evans sight unseen. Got car home last week. Car is everything Evans said it was. After talking to him on the phone for a week, I knew this car was the real deal. He also gave me lots of extras and all the paperwork for the car. Evans is a great seller and I'm glad I got it from him. Can't wait to cruise around Pittsburgh boostin away!!! Look out for me tearing up the highway. Car is in excellent condition, motor runs very strong. Will have lots of fun with this car. Look out for the old guy he might get ya. Thanks for the sale Evans." Pete

Great buy!!

Now you got it bad Pete. All you need to do is LOOK at that set of Turbo keys and you'll be smiling... & next thing you know you'll be pulling out for a ride. I'm jealous - I miss my white T.