200-4r Transbrake ?


Looking for some info on transbrake for 200-4r...

Does anyone make one ?

If so, Does transmission hold up well with transbrake ?

Any other information and advice would be appreciated...John
Do a search on Brian Hofer. He puts a stageright kit in his 200's and they work pretty well. I have made about 15-20 passes @ 15 psi with mine. No problems yet. Some of the guys have well over 200 passes on a Hofer/stageright tranny!

Whoever builds your tranny would be the best reference for what brake to use. It depends on the hard parts used to take the abuse. A stock tranny would most likely explode.....explosively.
This may step on some toes but here it goes: I used to have the StageRite in my 85 GN and I still don't like the idea of the low sprag taking all the torque by itself. I know there are people out there running it with great success. I just built a 2004R for an 87 GN in April and it does not run a brake at all and it shattered the low sprag inner race. I completely inspect every part when I build a trans but have no way to Xray parts so I have to be very careful when I visually inspect. This one passed when I checked it during overhaul. I told him to launch in Low1 so that the clutches are applied with the sprag so to help avoid this happening again in the future. When I get my Vega project going, I will go with the electric version so as to keep the Low clutches applied. :D