2002 GS odometer and gear indicator burned out


Shadetree Mechanic
May 24, 2001
The odometer and gear indicator in our 2002 Regal GS is burned out. The rest of the digital components work except these two. Am I going to have to replace the whole board and what is involved? If I replace it, will the odometer still read correctly?

Here is what it looks like. There are really no SES codes ... the car was just in the on position. :)

the cluster has a or some bad resistors - there are write ups on the regal forums on DIY repairs or I could refer you to a guy that repairs them - heck if you want one to send him so you can continue to run your car I have a couple parts cars with clusters that need repair just let me know...
Thanks. I found a decent vid on youtube, so I guess I will run to the Shack tomorrow for some resistors. I can solder pretty good, so this should be easy. Thanks for the search tip.
Well, that was a relatively easy fix. The four resistors on the right side fell off the board with just a light touch from the screwdriver. I soldered in some new ones and it is back to normal now.