2004r - did I hurt it?


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Oct 31, 2005
Well, think its about 9 months worth of solid abuse on my BTO level 3 2004r. Recently I noticed that under manual downshifting, for compression braking, it seems as though it's not working as it used to. It's coming back to idle and not slowing the car down. Its in gear though, as I can rev the motor back up and it will rev to the point where it matches speed and accelerate. It shifts fine, drives fine, doesn't make any odd noises, kicks down as it always has and shifts with authority. If I keep it in manual 1st or 2nd or 3rd or whatever, and bring the revs up to 3000or so and let off the gas, it does compression brake till the revs fall to 1600RPM where it goes back to freewheeling. Did I blow out a seal or a gasket or something and the tranny is bleeding off pressure internally? Called BTO today and talked to them, they said that below 1600 the converter isn't really building any kind of pressure and things are normal? Maybe I'm just trippin'. Input? 2400 stall, behind a Pontiac 400.
There is virtually no engine breaking going down a steep incline, the prolem seems to be getting worse. Otherwise, tranny still performs as it always has. Doing some further digging around in this forum, it leads me to believe I've toasted the overrun clutches. Am I looking at doing further damage if I don't get this repaired right away? I doubt BTO is going to warranty as they'll probabaly say soemthing like it was abuse or the like. I'm a very competent guy mechanically, are these clutches deep inside the transmission? Never done a tranny before, though. Think I may call around and ee what it would cost to have them replaced.