200r4 coloum shifter hook up


Jun 10, 2001
I know its not a GN :( but......it going to have the GN trans an rear hopefully.
I will be in the process soon of swapping a 455 into a 82 Buick Regal.;)
Currently it has a 350 trans in it, and is shifted by the shifter on the coloum.
Would like to install a GN 3:42 rear end and the 200r4 trans.
First off ,wanted to know, can the coloum shift still be used? ( I asked this because I used to have a 66 Impala w/ a powerglide
and the trans shop put in a 350 and I retained the original coloum shifter.)
And also wanted to know about the lock up
with no computer control, can I still retain it and switch it on manually, provided I have a power source? Or forgo the lockup and go with a non lock up converter and kit?
Then there is the T.V. cable... is there a source for them to be adapted (or in kit form) to be used on a q-jet?
Thanks ahead of time!!:)
One stop shopping.


There you'll find a TV cable, a bracket for a Quadrajet and a lock-up kit that provides hands-free, automatic TCC operation. You can get these parts at www.summitracing.com, www.jegs.com, or any TCI distributor.

As for your column shifter, yes you can use it as is. The only thing is that you may not be able to access Manual Low gear. Other than that, the detents should align perfectly for Park thru Manual Second.
If you really need or want man. low take the column apart and grind the stop so the shifter goes past the original low position. Those columns aren`t fun to put back together though.