2013 Norwalk Buick weekend/Cal Hartline dyno tuning!

I'm coming, even if it's just to put my car on the dyno for fun. I don't even know what combo will be on it yet, coming down to the wire for me.

Looking forward to seeing you out there Matt!

Only a few spots left for Hartline dyno tuning everybody!! PM me asap if you want in!
ONE spot left for Hartline dyno tuning at Norwalk this coming weeked.. Anyone wanting in PM me asap for the last spot!

If anyone wants on the dyno for numbers and sheets, PM me also to get yourself put in line.

Weather looks pretty good. Friday high 58 and sunny. Same for Sat. Sunday is high of 68.


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That weather will change 3 more times by Friday. That damn lake makes the weather so hard to keep accurate. Everyone cross their fingers!!!
That weather will change 3 more times by Friday. That damn lake makes the weather so hard to keep accurate. Everyone cross their fingers!!!

The lake makes it real nice in the wintertime...somebody should fill in that hole in the ground:mad:
I just looked at the weather...the Gods are with us!!! 58-60 and SUNNY both days, and 0% chance of rain.

Good for you Brian...all your hardwork and planning isn't going to get washed out.
Weather was great Friday and Saturday. I had a great time at Buschur's meeting new faces on Friday while Cal tuned my car. I pulled 623 rwhp and 805 rwt. Had one good run Friday night 10.78 at 131 mph with a 1.75 60 ft. Saturday I did one run and transmission failed so had to load it up on the trailer. Thanks again to Brian for putting it together. How was the turn out for Saturday?
Here are some picts from the event. I want to thank everyone for coming out on Friday and Saturday! Everyone seemed to have a really good time! Id like to personally thank Cal Hartline for coming up and doing the tuning on both days. I also like to thank David Buschur for the outstanding dyno facility and hospitality he showed all of us Buick guys! Last but not least Id like to thank Lisa Fischer for coming out and selling her t-shirts, hoodies and all the Buick gear! The racing was canceled today do to rain but rescheduled for Sept 8th. We may just have this again this fall so stay tuned..[/ATTACH]
The 2 days were awesome. Brian put a lot of work into getting it all together and I am glad he got the perfect weather. Next year...I'll be first...I hope.

Here are some more pics Brian took...
Red 70 Chevelle is Marty Green's. A superb ride.
White TSO car is Justin's. The Silver T is Forcefed3.8's aka Rob Ortosky 990hp!!!
It was a great time. Maybe Brian can put together another great dyno weekend for the rescheduled day Sept 8th. Thanks it was fun.
thanks to brian and Buschur's for putting this together hope it become a regular thing. just went for a couple of quick pulls and had great time there watching cal do his stuff and seeing some sick cars