2014 Buick GS Nationals Auto Cross - Oct 15 & 16 th

scot w.

A little update on the Auto-X program that some of us have been trying to get started at the GS Nationals.

IT'S OFFICIAL! The GS NATIONALS Inc. organization has OK'd the AUTO-X (Auto Cross)
as a venue to be held during the 2014 Buick GS Nationals (Oct 15-18th).

It will be a 2 day event, to be held on a Wednesday (Oct 15th, 2014) and a Thursday (Oct 16th, 2014) ,starting in the mornings and ran till completed, it will be held in the circle track at Beech Bend Raceway Park, Bowling Green ,KY.

The Autocross portion will be held on the "Circle Track" at Beech Bend raceway the same way it's ran for the LS fest so this should be a Blast!

”AMERICAN STREET CAR SERIES’” Bill Howell will do the timing and track set up. The A.S.C.S are the folks who gave us the TV show series " R U Faster Than a Redneck?" this past summer.

Bill is also the gentleman who has put on many Auto Challenge events, mainly the " Run to the Hills" events, all over the Nation, more than an auto cross event but braking and road course handling.

Also there will be (as of now) two major vendors that have never been to the GS Nats, at the event to display their rides and their products and to answer any questions you may have.

Vendors out there that contribute to the Auto-X, Pro-Touring industry, an invitation is being extended to come and set up your show booth and related equipment and parts.

What's needed to enter and have fun? Just bring your ride, It doesn’t matter if it's an old car or new, a FWD or RWD , if the suspension is stock or set-up, if it's got UHP tires or Bias-Ply Tires. ( 200 Tread wear or more, no less), or if it's a 14" rim or a 18" rim.... just bring it out and enjoy the ride. Will need a Helmet, a SNELL SA 2005 rating or newer.

We are looking to have as many entrants/cars as we can to make this an annual event, the more the merrier.

There will be cars there at the event that will be set up, and you will see and feel the differences in the suspension, maybe get a "ride-along" in one of them.

To help with the cost of this venue so you folks could participate, we're asking those who are registered entrants to help out during the event as cone workers, basically to reset cones if one gets knocked over during the Auto-X. Pending on the car count there will be 2 or 3 groups that will run, so if your group isn't running the course, we ask that you work the cones.

So extend your thanks to all those involved and have given the ok for this to happen, Bennet Jones, Bill Howell, and the GS NATIONALS crew, and let's not forget the BEECH BEND Raceway Park owners.

If you have questions feel free to contact the Auto-x Coordinators...... Chris Reed,or a Scot W. @ GNS Performance.

Chris Reed can be reached here with a PM or at cr2motorsports@hotmail.com
Scot W. can be reached here with a PM, or at gnsperformance@gmail.com

Check out the WWW.GSNATIONALS.COM from time to time, for any updates, or additional info.

Or you can stay tuned here for more info as things get more finalized.

Again heads up, The 2014 GS Nationals AutoX is GOING TO HAPPEN!! so get your rides ready....
SWEET !!!!! Congrats on getting this done Scot !!!
Will there be banners made for this??? :) LOL

I haven't posted here before but I wanted to let people know something. I recieved my GSXtra on Saturday. It has the early registration form in it and from what I can tell they need a minimum of at least 20 cars for each day pre registered by August 30th or there will NOT be an autocross event.

Thanks scott......ill have my tri pod gn out there again ....

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Thanks scott......ill have my tri pod gn out there again ....

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I called the number on the bottom of the form and spoke to the gentleman and he said that i should call him back on sept 15th. He said then we can see if there will be enough cars to have the autox, or if someone sponsored it and it doesn't matter the amount of cars……