3.8 4.1 Perfromance Camshafts for sale


May 13, 2004
I've got 2 New flat tappet hydraulic cams for sale These are for even fire motors using the integral distributor drive and fuel pump eccentric. One is Lunati the other is Elgin, I also have one complete set of New (12) Elgin Lifters to go with whichever cam. Cam specs are: @.050" .496 Lift, 224 Duration 112 lobe seperation. Advertised duration is 290. All specs are with stock 1.55 rocker ratio. I'll do $75 shipped for either cam in the U.S. and Throw in the lifters for another $15. I'm going full roller with my new under construction motor and selling off parts not to be used to help fund it. Thank you, david Please pm me with questions or offers.
I've also got a New set of matching Lunati Valve springs, they are installed on my heads but never run. $40 to go with cam and lifter combo. thanks again
Is this an Old grind? I was trying to look up its cam card, and I cant find it in the Lunati catalog, you wouldnt happen to have its card would you?

I would guess it is an old grind. It's in the original box, with instructions and cards, what specs would you like from it. It will be this evening when I get home before I can get them.