3800 series 2


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Nov 29, 2005
has any one explored the posibilty of using the engine from the 99 to 02 f car the heads look like good breathers but i have never tried to test them on a bench yet i just bought my first grand national and its a roller with no engine or trans so i am looking at what i can use as a turbo base engine i see the obvious problems with the cam sensor and such like exaust but i am hoping not to reinvent the wheel if has been done as well as is it worth the trouble... i am having a time locating a engine for less than national debt and to make it worse i need it all so any light you guys can shead i will be very thankful for thanks
ps also what are the good blocks and heads to use other than the stage stuff
I think the bolt pattern for the 200 4R transmission is different. I just installed a 3800 SC engine in my 98 Regal and when I tried to put the engine on an engine stand that was set up for the GN engine the bolt holes would not line up.
I also thought the starter was on the wrong side.... the tranny pattern is also the tight pattern( early s10 and front drive).
Not too many guys playing with Series II or III 3800 engines in RWD cars. A few FWD guys are running quite strong.

The bottom end on these engines ought to be bulletproof compared with the 109 block. They have a superior gerotor oil pump and crossbolted maincaps. There is a 4L60E transmission that will bolt right up to this block. I've heard that lots of F-body guys pull the 3800's to swap in the LS1 motor. You might be able to buy a complete drivetrain cheap.

You would need to fab some headers, engine mounts, and figure out what to use for an ignition system, but it could be done.

The 3800 engines only have 8 head bolts per side and would be limited like the 109 block on head gaskets.
I am running a 3800II engine. I always thought the block was the same as the late 3800 Series I with very minor differences like bolt patterns. I am currently hunting info on what I can do to a spare 3800II I will be getting from a friend doing a LS1 Swap.
Am I hearing correct where people are boring the blocks to 4.00"? BTW Stock 3800II bottom ends are handling well over 500HP, the 3800II comes stock with forged LT1 connecting rods. Pacesetter and RK sport both make headers for the Series 2, A 4L60E is a direct bolt up and believe it or not, the GN and the series 2 Ignitions are very similar, both use the Magnavox system dual DIS. I measured my ignition spark at 43,000 volts. I am also trying to research if I can use a Gear Timing setup instead of chain, if not, I am going to use a double roller. -Tim
Also be advised that 99 and later have straight intakes and Drive by wire Throttle bodies, 98 and earlier have angled intakes and use a restrictive MAF system. Here is a spec link. The 95-98 Throttle Body information is wrong, they dont not have Hitatchi TB's they are cable driven. -Tim

There's a special section for the 3800, this would probably fit there, and may get some info that it won't get here.
PaganEgyptian said:
and believe it or not, the GN and the series 2 Ignitions are very similar, both use the Magnavox system dual DIS.

The 3800 has one wire on it that's not used on the GN 3.8s.
Otherwise, it electrically the same.

I have a set of crank shutter wheels, and crank sensor from a 94 3800 on my GN. Took some fabricating, but it all works, and gives me the *Quick Start Ignition*.

thank u for the info you have shared and sorry to have posted this in the wrong thread but i hoped the stage 2 guys would know more so i will try to do better in the future