4.1 blocks, sheetmetal, glass in KS


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Feb 28, 2003
4.1 484 casting no cracks, includes caps, oil pan, and timing cover $200 Deal pending

4.1 484 casting small cracks in the deck, includes caps, oil pan, and timing cover $100 Deal pending

Very clean no rust regal trunk lid $100

NOS GM right quarter panel. Good luck finding another and if you do it won't be this cheap. $500

NICE drivers side turbo inner fender $75 plus shipping SOLD

Rear bumper bare shell that's been sandblasted $50 plus shipping

Flat regal hood FREE come get it before I give it to a circle tracker

81-83 header panel with grille, lights and bezels FREE come get it before the dumpster eats it.

2 back glass one with rear defrost one without FREE if you intercept it on my way to the dumpster. I think I have a door glass or 2 maybe 3 also on it's way to the dumpster

Sorry but I won't ship anything but the inner fender and rear bumper shell. MAYBE a block if you talk me through the freight shipping process. I AM capable of putting a block on a pallet but I'd prefer you arrange freight from my work address and I just smile and help push it on the truck. I'm losing a bunch of storage space in a few months. Deals might get better for someone wanting multiple things.

Check my feedback.
I wish you could have them too!

You got about 2 months. I'd keep this crap forever if I had infinite storage but i'm selling my first house and all this stuff is still laying there. I don't want to throw anything away, but facts are facts, some stuff is just not worth anything. They say when you part out a car, you steal it's soul, and as punishment you will truly never be able to get rid of every single piece of it. LOL
Could I see some pics of the inner fender and let me know about how much shipping would be to 44053.Thanks,Mike
Can you verify that the 4.1 with no cracks is a standard 3.965 bore? It looks good in the pictures. I may be able to have it picked up at a business by UPS if you can put it on a pallet and wrap some cardboard around it so a shipping label can be taped on. I had one shipped that way earlier this year. UPS will ship it if it weighs under 150 pounds. I think it was 135 or so. You could also create an account with UPS and ship it yourself. I do it all the time.
If you still have the 4.1 blocks, or just one of them, call or e-mail me as I am VERY interested and can have them picked up, thanks.
do you know anyone that will be going to BG that could take the rear glass with defrost?

No But I think the guy taking the body of the car may want it.

I'll be an hour south all week before BG but can't go :( Also I doubt they'll let me carry a back glass on the plane LOL.