4.1 boat anchor


May 25, 2001
Guy's looks like the deck has a crack on the head bolt area. That means the block is junk or could it be fixed. Had a guy interested in the block but yesterday i looked it over and found a crack on the 3 and 4 cylinder bores.

Just want to make sure is junk.

Thanks Sean
Oh I'm pretty sure you could repair it but the question is why would you want to pay for that since the block is hardly rare. Sorry but I think its junk from a practical standpoint, maybe someone would want it for a mockup block.
Use a thread sealer and head studs. Ran two 4.1 with those crackes. 5 years, mid 10's and no problems. :biggrin:
Thank you very much for the offer, but I don't think I will have the time to drive down there. I have some std pistons if you change you mind. :biggrin:
Turbo-Archie said:
OK, I remember now. That sounds really far south. I could use it though. :rolleyes:

Archie, you need to come out of Northside once in a while and find out there is another world to the south and west of you. We also have Buicks :D :D

Sean is good guy to deal with, Go get it man!!!!!! Then you can stop by my place on your way back. :eek:
Dumb Question....

OK guys, I just happened to be talking to a friend that owns a machine shop in southern IL today. He has one of these motors and we were talking about my new GN purchase.

First Question: Is this a logical upgrade from my 3.8? What increases, bore or stroke?

Second: If not, do you guys have interest in the motor he's got? I saw reference to you having a junk version. I can put you in touch with him, and we could likely work out delivery as I go there a lot.