4.1 L value


Jan 10, 2002
Does anyone have a rough idea of the value of a good running
1984 4.1L w/Q-Jet out of 84 regal limited? This was my mother's car that was wrecked. I have been pirating parts off of it, but have left the engine alone. I have thought about using it, but may sell if someone was interested. Not absolutely sure, but mileage is between 80K and 100K. Never had a problem out of the engine and car was very good on gas.
4.1 engine

I just bought a complete pullout 3.8 turbo with 63k on it for $300.00.The 4.1 NA is a great start for a project.A friend of mine has one supercharged in a TR7 and that baby flies.Anyway,I originally wanted a 4.1 when I started my NA project.Looked for months but could not find one.Not many to be had in the northeast.If in good shape it should bring $300-$400 easy.
what kinda turbo was it for 350$? where did you get it/ where can i get one?
Turbo engine

It's a complete pullout,out of a LeSabre Sport for $300.00.Got it off my favorite parts place eBay.Right in your neighborhood in fact.Traverse City MI.Keep looking,one will pop up.