4.1L V6 Sources


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Feb 4, 2004

I've just started combing the junkyards for the engine to start my build up and I didn't find one on the first try, didn't really expect to, I was looking in Regals and Rivieras from the early 80 for the 4.1L Buick V6 but only found a pair of nice looking 3.8s. What other vehicles should I be looking at? I've had suggestions for Electras, Park Ave, and LeSabres because supposedly the base motor was the 4.1L and I think I remember some Cadillacs came with it but I don't know which. Any one know exactly what came with the 4.1L Buick V6?

Try these cars, and this should be the complete list, if I dont have it listed than it didn't come in it. One tip, I usually check every car in the yard as you dont know whats out there as far as someones backyard enginnering project.
1980 to 1985 Buick
Lesabre RWD
Electra RWD
Park Ave RWD
Estate Wagon RWD(full size wagon)
Regal RWD
Century RWD
Riviera FWD
1980 to 1985 Cadillac
Fleetwood RWD
DeVille RWD
Seville FWD
ElDorado FWD
.....and one oddball application 1984 Olds Toronado FWD. 84 only.
The eight character of the VIN will be the number 4 if the original motor is a 4.1.
Watch out on those Caddy's and make sure it isn't the 4100 Caddy motor...

Look for the front mounted distributor and the alum intake w/4 bbl Q-Jet on the 4.1L Buick motor...