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The January 2006 issue of the UK magazine American Car World (http://www.chpltd.com/acw/subscription.html) got a 4 page feature of my TTA ... as I'm in the US at the moment I've not seen it yet but the title is: "Pace Setter - 1989 Pontiac Trans Am Turbo 20th Anniversary Pace Car - phew" and when we did the photo shoot in August this year they took about 100 photos in total ... hope it's good ... as soon as I'm back home I'll scan the pages and post them for anyone interested.
Jan if it's possible do you think you could pick me up a copy. I'd be more than willing to send you the money for shipping and everything. I think I'm gunna start a collection of TTA magazines features.

Oh and nice job representing the TTA crowd. It's nice seeing the information about TTAs spreading outside of the US even. It seems like lately there have been quite a few TTA features.
72firebird, not a problem ... I'll get a copy for you. Drop me an e-mail (jlarsson@london.com) to remind me and I sort it out when I'm back home.

I'll scan the pages and post them as well so if anyone else like a copy of the magazine let me know and I'll have to see how much they are shipped to the US.
Congrats Jan! The more press the better for our cars!! Jan, looks like I can order one right off the web site? Or better to go thru you? Either way gotta have one! :cool:
There was some Java scrpit error when I tryed from home. I'll try it out when I go into work later today on a few different PC's and I'll post what happens!
You can't order it off the site yet they only have the December issues on there right now. I'll check back later in the week and see if I can get it on their website.
I just ordered a couple off the web site (you can select next issue, just make sure it's the January 2006 issue). Worked fine today so give it a try seems like postage (shipping) to the US is very resenoble as well so they don't add anything above the actual postage.
So picked up the magazine (and a few spare) today, 4 page article plenty of pictures. I scanned and created 4 pdf files from the magazine, links below, so you will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view and print. If you don't have Acrobat on your machine you can dwonload it from www.adobe.com


Ok, so for the above links to work you have to copy and past the URL into a new browser window, don't ask me why :confused:

Anyway, article turned out really good as the editor did his homework and also asked me tons of questions. Seems like he only got a couple of things wrong with regards to my TTA ;) 1. I do not have tubular A arms; should say tubular rear LCA's 2. I have no adjustable banhard bar; it's a tubular none adjustable I have installed. 3. comment about the 10psi boost while we took my TTA for a quick spin; we only had a very short piece of straight asphalt road at the show ground where we did the photo shoot so I did not want to risk it with full boost specially with the photographer in the rear seat trying to take a photo of the boost gauge at the same time :D

See what you guys think after you read all 4 pages, and yes that is me and my son on page 28 :cool:
You can't click on the hyperlinks you have to copy the URL and paste it into a new browser window and it should work fine, I just tried it and it works from here.

If you still have problems I can e-mail them to you (about 700kb in total).
Interesting write up! Gld to see an article that does more than re-hash content of old articles from the 1988-89 era. Including the PAS dyno data showing 345 hp (I'm assumming flywheel hp here), and the 171 mph top speed on the track at Indy are gems of information that usually get lost in the confusion.

Well Done! :biggrin:

Hi Jan!
Congrads on the magazine coverage!
If you can, pick me up a copy!
When is your next visit out here?
I can't view the pages, and I can't even view your links in your sig!
Oh well, computer savy I am not!

Have a good one,

George :cool:
Looks like you can order off the web site! I just ordered a half dozen! :biggrin: Jan I'll have to get you and Jr to sign one sometime! :cool: I'll let you know how long it takes for them to get here!
Nice article Jan, congrats!

If anyone wants a copy emailed to them let me know...I converted Smiley's post/PDF files into one single PDF file. The file is only 786KB so shouldn't be any trouble on most email systems.

Thanks Guys, turned out pretty good :biggrin: I'm getting the original electronic files (QuarkXpress) as well as high resolution images used so will be able to have one of my contacts do me a nice large size poster of the article as well.