400+GVOD versus AOD

turbo buicks

whats the better option performance and price-wise?

also, does anyone have the price on a AOD/GM trans from ck and if they have lock up or not? i doubt it would be good to lock it up tho under track conditions b/c i hear a locked converter under high HP will blow the lockup clutch real soon.

thank you
go to the gm aod hybrid link on my homepage.read magazine article.we also have the aode version that you can lock up as well .most high powered cars like being unlocked with a properly designed converter.the aod for a buick is 3500 with converter and transbrake,cheaper if its for a ford though because you dont need the bellhousing.we are in the 7s with tem and they are less power robbing than a th400.call in for additional info if youd like.gotta go catch the subway to work ,bye now.