5.3 ls swap into a regal limited our experience

Fat Nat

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May 25, 2001
well just finished a ls swap into a regal turned out really nice and am super impressed with the setup
Used 5.3 out of a 2004 pickup 317 heads
Comp turbo cam eBay headers and intake precesion 76/75 turbo and fabbed the piping from the old v6 setup i.e. Downpipe and intercooler. Custom built the dash to hold the Holley touch screen and still have factory idiot lights turns signals ect.
Made 2 pulls on the dyno at 11psi and laid down 520rwhp. Super cool project can't wait to do another one. Just wanted to give a thumbs up to the guys at the shop for coming together with all the cool ideas to make this thing work. Here's a couple pics


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Nice!! Definitely gives me ideas if this motor ever takes a shit!

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how about tuning? i have the SD chip but im pretty sure its not going to work with an LS swap (speaking of, i need to drop eric a line) I'm dropping an lq4 in mine. What size injectors, convertor stahl?