63 Impala


Some Throttle More Bottle
May 24, 2001
Well, we are making a little progress, was hoping to make Phoenix this year but I don't know if we can get it done in time. Here a couple of pics:

Can't you imagine my 62 year old mom driving this down the street.
It is her car.

We had to modify the downpipe a little to fit.

Nice stance don't you think.

i wish i would have thought of that when i did my 65 impala rag. that looks super sweet, i'd love to see more pics when your done. :cool:
thats cool ... talk about a sleeper :eek: ummmm do you have enuff clearance:confused: in the back to get the coil pack on ??? ok so when will it be done ??? :biggrin:
Thanks for the compliments,

As for the coil pack, I had to modify the mounting plate but it fits. Our hope was to take it to the Phoenix AZ meet in November but we had a couple of setback and it won't be done till around Jan. 08. It's at Paint right now. We are going with diamond White (2006 Cadi) and stock red with red/white leather interior.