84 buick regal trans question


Black Sheep
Mar 25, 2003
I have an 84 buick regal with the carbed 3.8 v6. Its a 3 speed. my question is that did it come with the th400 or a 350, from the looks of the pan it looks like a 400 but i never really looked directly underneith. Anyone know for sure?
I don't know for sure but, are you sure it's a 3 speed. 84 The 2004r was the tranny for gm. I wouldn't think a 400 would be there. Those were saved for the big V-8 gang. If it is a 3 speed probably a 350.
The only trans available on a 84 with the 3.8 NA was the THM200C. You had to order a 4.1 to get the THM200-4R. Earlier years could have been gotten with a 250C/350C though. Easy way to tell(assuming you have the original trans) is you should have code MV9 on your trunk option label.

Eric Fisher

you go the right answers it is a 200 metric (3-speed) with a lock-up converter.

I had one behide my 1978 LeMans with a 305 and it lasted the 160K miles I had the car without any problems. It didn't hve the lock-up conv. though.
thanks for the help guys. im glad i didnt get my hopes up, i was thinking it was a th400 i could put in my race car. anyways