84 Crank and Rod bolt Torque Specs - same as 86/87?


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Sep 23, 2019
In the middle of a frame off restoration / to my 84 T-Type and figured I would check bearings on the motor - can't find torque specs for an 84 but the 86/87 is posted everywhere and hoping the torque spec's are the same (100ftlb crank / 40ftlb rods) - would make sense but I figured I better confirm. Turns out the motor was a reman - .020 over pistons, .030 over rods, .020 over crank bearings :( - probably good for a daily driver but was hoping to convert to E85 and turn up the heat. If someone could confirm the same torque specs apply between years that would be really helpful so I can get this one back together. If anyone knows of a short block / engine lead please point me that way - so many decisions to make now .........stay Hot air - convert to inter-cooled if I could find a complete set-up - want to keep the car all Buick - Thanks Much!!
Thanks Robert - That's my thinking as well.
Maybe I'll post the question in the Hot Air section, guessing someone with a factory service manual or someone who assembles their own engine would know for sure. That 109 block does look a little more refined in the photo's I've seen of it so it makes me wonder on the mains. Appreciate the response though!!
Stock Connecting rod bolts are torqued to 45 Lbs/ft
Stock Main bolts are 80 Lbs/ft
Lube the heads and threads of the bolts with engine oil (not ARP lube).

Those specs are good from 1984 to 1987 (and back even further)
Thanks Turbo Dave!!
Appreciate the clarification on the numbers and good to know 84-87 follows the same specs
Robert, I looked around and found torque specs for the 86 / 87's as your link leads to as well before posting the question - The table you supplied the link to states 86/87 in the top line as if its unique to 86/87 and my question refers to 84. So far it looks like the specs are the same back past 84 according to some responses and old Chiltons manuals.