84 T-type 800Hp Twin Turbo LS


Just testing waters, if anyone is interested pls call or text me.
Twin 61mm turbo Ttype 2007 4.8 block with z06 243 race ported heads. Twin 61mm On3 Turbo's made 800hp at 19 psi. MS3 pro ecu for management. Ptc converter NL ordered directly from Dusty. Local built manual VB th350 mated to a Gforce Transmission xmember it's truly a beautiful car. Rear full adjustable suspension. front and rear aerospace 4 piston street brakes I have a lot of time and money in this car if your interested shoot me a text or call. Have the whole build documented and pictures absolutely 0 Rust interior is immaculate car is insured and registered in Miami Fl.
New Bonspeed Billet wheels they are 24s with biggest lip offset possible - I have stock 87 T-type wheels if you don't like the billets- just put new Emblems from Nos4gn.
Thanks, 786-487-9775
Those wheels & tires = :vomit:

Doesn't make a bit of sense to build power & then add wheels that are impossible to hook. :banghead:

The power this car makes is nearly impossible to grip on the street even with drag radials or slicks. The wheels are just my preference to cruise. It actually grips more with these than Ttype wheels on drag radials on the street believe it or not. Some Stock factory cars now come with 20s and 22s from factory I understand everyone has their preference though.
That's a very nice, yet completely transformed car, the wheels/tires can be formatted to the buyer's liking........

Good luck with the sale.
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A fair price for a nice car, If you was around here my wife would most likely kill me cause if it looks as good as the pictures and video show I would have to buy it
That car looks great and would be killer with some drag wheels on it. I really like it. Interested in trades?
Damn Chris..... you selling already! You got another project? Wish I had the funds- GLWS! Clean ass ride fo'sure!

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