86/87 coil firing order


Oct 9, 2002
Hey guys whats up? I 've been away from the scene for awhile and I have a quick question. With the 86/87 coil pack/module do you hook the plug wires up per the 86/87 firing order or the 84/85?

Thanks, Dave
Use the 86/87...

I just posted coil pack upgrade steps here.

You want to re-route your spark plug wires utilizing the 86/87 firing order stamped on the top of your coil pack.

Also check here for image. (PDF)
Thanks for reply and great info and the upgrade. I was just wondering what firing order people where using because I saw a post where someone used the 84/85 firing order with the 86/87 coil and module. Can you tell me what the difference is between the wiring adaptor and the hot wire kit?

Thanks DAVE
To differenciate...

The hot-wire kit allows the required B+ or positive battery voltage to run directly from the battery, through a relay, to the ignition module, bypassing the computer and the 10s of feet of wiring which causes voltage drop. It is an in-line adapter.

The wiring adapter is actually what takes the wiring layout from the 84/85 and lets you plug directly into the 86/87 coil without having to cut and solder as I did. It is also an inline adapter.

When upgrading, the latter is necessary, while the former is optional.