86 White T-Type 10 sec. car! CHEAP!


Sep 2, 2002
86 Buick regal T-type (Same as grand natinal only white)
White T-Top car
Maroon Interior
Fiber Glass Hood and front bumper
87 Grill (only because they look better)

I have an apraisal from last year for $16,500!

Stock block and heads
206/206 Cam and lifters
Roller timming Chain
65mm Throttle body
3.5" fass air meter
4" big Mouth Cold air with 9" K&N Filter in Drives Front
4" mass air pipe
60lb Inj.
te45a Turbo (Good for mid to low 10's)
3.5" Down Pipe with external waistgate
4" Single shot exaust!
BRAND NEW! 200R4 trans with trans Brake (Brian Hoffer on the board did it)
BRAND NEW! Art Carr 9" 3500 Non Lock up converter
Brand NEW! Moser 30 spline Axles
BRAND NEW! Aburn Locker
Weld Pro Star wheels (Rear 15X8 Fronts are BRAND NEW 15x3.5" wide)
BRAND NEW 265/15 Front tires
Hoosier Quick time pro 28X11.5X15 rear tires
6 Point cage
5 Point Harness on drivers side (Also BRAND NEW!)
RJC Power Plate
Modded Upper Dog house on intake to flow more air
PTE Front mount intercooler
Alky Control Alky system
Power Loger Data logger system
5" Monster tach with shift light
Auto Meter water oil and boost gauges
Trubo Tweek Chip
Tall Valve covers
A/C removed and Mr Heater heat system installed (I do live in crappy Michigan lol)
HR parts and stuff anti Roll Bar
UMI Double ajustable upper contol arms
2 air bags in rear
UMI Solid lower control arms
Lakewood 90/10's in front
Comp Engineering adj. shocks on rear (set at 50/50 now)
New body mounts
New door weather stripping
New t-top weather stripping (One is on the car other still in the box and goes with it)

Car is origanly from Ga NO RUST! Solid car!
Car has clean car fax no accidents!!!
Frame is straight
2 minior paint flaws one is a quarter sized dent in the pasanger side door the other is a run or sag in the paint when the guy I got the car from re-did the car and it has now cracked. Cant be seen in the photos and most people dont ever notice either one
Bottom of car is rock gaurded with White Rineo type liner so you can chip the paint!

The bad someone reported the odomiter wrong at some point so milage showing is 142,000 on the car I dont know what it should be
Motor has around 20,000 since I redid it in 2005 Stock (Standard crank didnt need to be turned) Crank, Hyper Pistons and Stock rods,
100lbs Springs on valves

She has a 10.50 0r faster in her with a little more tunning Best time I have gotten out of her is 11.04 at 121 off the foot break no trans brake that pass!
Car hooks hard and goes straight!

Im only selling because I have my eye on another car and I need this gone ASAP if Im going to go get it

Im asking $13,500 Im pretty firm on the price but if you bring me Cash near there Ill probly take it.

Email me with any and all questions @ SuperbGraphics@comcast.net or just post here :)

Thanks for looking


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I have had 3 people come look at the car no buyers yet :(

My other car needs to get in my garage like NOW!

So help a brother out and buy my T! lmao

All 18 PM's answered also :)

Cars going on ebay if I dont have a deposit by Thur. it will be a 10 day listing and Buy It now will be $13,000
Help me sell this car! Even if you dont want it bid to drive the price up!
Dont bid past $11,999 as 12,000 is the reserve!!!!!!

I really need the car out of here I dont have room for it and its setting out side :( :eek:
My 72 Chevelle is now home this is outside till it sells do to the lack of a 2 car garage :(

BID to win! Please buy my T :D:confused: