87 ECM, LT1 MAF & Translator Upgrades - Before and After

Update # 3: The timing chain set was replaced, push rods rolled true, timing cover work included new oil pump gears that were replaced and a new oil pump cover was installed. .008 gasket gets me .003 clearance (plastigauge) with the gears moving easily without any effort. Are the oil cover gaskets available in .007 or is there a .001 that I can add to an existing. 006? If there is I'd bet I could get to .002 top clearance.

Cover carbon buildup was removed from the piston tops; over bore (piston heads (30) and oil pan mating surfaces (030 / 005) stamped. Next step: confirm over bore.

I bought a bore gauge to double-check. 0'd the bore gauge using digital caliper set to 3.791. No reading from the larger cylinder hole. I got confused and proceeded with 0 ing out the bore gauge in cylinder, then I took the bore gauge to the digital caliper. I sampled 1-point (thrust side) for each cylinder and measured 3.8115 . Not the way I saw someone perform this task online but it's where I ended up last night.


Make sure the lifters go in the same holes. Lots of break in lube on the mating surfaces. Run the pushrods on glass to check for straight. I always made sure the rockers were marked for DS and PS. Inspect the rockers for cracks.
Scooby Doo: Please take a look at my last post when you get a chance. Looking for some feedback, thanks.
No meat taken off the balance pads on the rods so it wasn't rebalanced. I'm lazy. After the math, what's the piston to wall clearance. Looks like I see cross hatch marks on the cylinder walls? If so it ain't got all that many miles on it.
Piston to wall clearance; I'm not sure my original method of measuring was correct but I can squeeze a .036 feeler gauge between piston and wall.

Cross hatch presence confirmed.

With no signs of rod balance pad work having been performed, should I make plans to have the engine rebalanced?

How does the .003 top clearance for the oil pump cover sound to you? If I need to hit .002 clearance, I would need a .006 gasket and a .001 shim from TA Performance.

To get an exact piston to wall clearance you need to know the bore and subtract that from the piston measurement. Balance isn't necessary but the engines rev out much smoother. My engine builder looked after the oil mods so I have no idea.