87 GN price help


May 24, 2004
Just looked at a 1 owner 1987 T-Top GN. 165K miles. Was daily driver for 12 years and now is parked for last 5 years with infrequent weekend use. Original everything! Original paint is fair/poor and will need to be repainted, Kirbin GNX style wheels with fair/poor tires, nice original GN wheels with Eagle GT's go with car, cracked bumper fillers, nice grill/tailights, NO rust car, Kirban exhaust, Never any accident damage, Nice dash, nice steering wheel, Poor upper door panels, front seat covers show wear and split, rear seat covers good, carpet original and good, rest of interior good, original radio bad, good brakes and brake unit, totally original under the hood, A/C needs charged, Good glass and T-Tops. All original weatherstripping that will need replaced. Car will need the above addressed and car painted. Underside of car, doors fenders quarters etc are all excellent, T-Top bags and trunk lining/spare tire complete. Mechanically the cars starts, stops, drives etc. It has NEVER had the turbo changed, transmission has NEVER been rebuilt and NEVER any engine work/underhood work with exception of the water pump. Car was religously service with all service receipts for work. The original owner is a Buick fanatic who knew the type of service and maintaince these cars required.

The car has ALL THE PAPERWORK down to the original temporary tag! This includes the window sticker and 18 years of receipts for the care of this car. Folder is 2 inches thick!

This car will really need restored but is an excellent car to do. Given the mileage and the potential expense for unforeseen mechanical needs, the fact that the cosmetics need a complete redo and the high mileage.

What can I pay for this car and not be too badly killed or buried money wise in this car??????

Thanks for your opinions and advice.


Rebuild the stock tranny, about $1K, and drive it. :)

Fix one or two things a year and before you know it you'll be doing that the rest of your life. :cool: :D

They probably want more for it.... :frown:
I would not want to give more than 4500.
Paint 2500.
Interior - stripping - bumper fillers - 2000.
Tires 350.
Now you have close to 10,000 in a car that has 165,000 miles.
I have seen low milage cars for sale with out having to do all the work for 10,000.
I have been down this road. I have 13,000 - 14,000 in a car that has 130,000 miles.
If I were to sell, I would be lucky to get 9,000 - 10,000.

Thanks for your input and insight. The seller is asking $8,500! I knew this overpriced, I was not sure how much the car was overpriced.

sorry but a 165k car is goin to be the biggest money pit you will ever see :rolleyes: maybe good for someone to get a cheap car an pick at it for years :eek:
Grumpy said:
sorry but a 165k car is goin to be the biggest money pit you will ever see :rolleyes: maybe good for someone to get a cheap car an pick at it for years :eek:

I disagree, at least my 165,000 mile 86 isn't and wouldn't be a money pit when I decide to sell. But then again, mine's in better shape than that one mentioned.
And as the buyer is finding out, 20 years worth of reciepts isn't worth "didly" if the car hasn't been properly cared for.

I kept no reciepts (they don't prove anything anyway). Got the original window sticker and owner's manual, and my reputation for caring for cars. An observent buyer can see how well a car's been cared for by carefully checking it out. Mileage can be a factor, but not a large one by any means.
You always say that. :p

Offer them the $6K and then drive it.

160K is just broken in. :)

Sure beats running anyday. :cool: ;)