87 grand national oem parts,IC,bumpers,hood,gn wheels,injectors,more!!


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Jan 14, 2009
Have all kinds of parts off my 87 grand national,parts as follows-

Stock oem black hood and BUICK TURBOCHARGED hood pad-$200

Front and rear oem stock bumpers in black-$75/piece

Stock intercooler in perfect condition 50k miles-$100

Original steel gn wheels set of 4 3 with tires 1 without (could use all 4 tires anyway)-$400

Accel spark plug wires like new-$25

Tamco GREEN STRIPE injectors,nice upgrade from stock injectors,like new-$225

Have other stuff too,just email if interested in anything but thiis is the majority,thanks for lookin
Need a straight front bumper

Where are you? Front bumper description and pics?

Interested in the wheels- Do you have any pics?

Don't need the tires; You could have a shop dismount them and they would be easier/cheaper to ship.

Let me know,
Sorry guys,I'm in chicago,give me your emails,or email me if you want pics of the stuff,bumper is in good condition not flawles at all painted black bumper gaurd stripping also in good condition also,and we can work something like that on the wheels,email me at choznz51@gmail.com,thanks
No bumper fillers guys,but the hood would have to go frieght anywhere from $90-$135 I'm guesing so not cheap to ship
Do You Still Have The Bumpers I Willing To Pick Up I Live In Chicago My Phone Number Is 17736488680 Give Me A Call Anytime
Yes sir,thanks john,they will be out by the weekend!!!

FYI: Payment was made for the wheels on Feb 17th- I have not yet received them. After several emails back and forth, I was told that (2) were shipped three weeks ago today; Nothing has arrived. I submitted a PayPal claim on this in time, so I wouldn't be left holding the bag.

I just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention.

hey yankee john i feel you pain! i had bought the injectors off of him, he said the injectors were on his car,and it was in the shop, and he did'nt have it back yet. why would you post stuff for sale if you were'nt able to get to the car?? and after a week or two he said he had 42.5's if i would like those instead. so he said he would have them shipped in the morning at least two different times. so finally after a phone call last night they were sent out yesterday and according to the tracking number i should have them on the 30th. not a good way to do buisness if you ask me.
I just replied to your PM turbomaro. Wow- definately not good business practices.....

I'll let you know if/when I get my wheels. I knew I should have said no when he sent me the blurry-a$$ cell phone pic of one wheel......


One more thing turbomaro- Why would he describe your injectors as "like new" if they were still in the car? Kind of odd in my opinion.

If you paid with PayPal, You have 45 days from date of payment to dispute the payment.