87 Regal LTD trade for nice SBC


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Mar 24, 2010
I have a clean and 99% rust free 87 LTD.
To tell you the truth nobody is buying anything right now so I am willing to trade for a nice small block chevy or ? I have a ton of turbo parts that are with it. And complete maroon interior. Or if someone wants alot of parts I will make a deal. I can be reached @ 937-751-3452 of e-mail @ craigwdwyer@aol.com
With an ad written like that you will definitely not sell the car.

Please post an informative description as well as pictures and an asking price and that will help your cause greatly.

Some of the quickest cars sold here have had very detailed ads.

An asking price is mandatory to save you and potential buyers a lot of wasted time.
Just so people know,I called + it's not a turbo car,he was going to do a conversion,but never got around to it.+ just a bit more info incase he doesn't get around to updating the ad,it is in ohio,i think he said near dayton.
Sorry for the lack of info. I am located in Southern Ohio. I will e-mail anyone who s interested. I have an ad on Racingjunk. It is a 88k mile original 3.8 N/A car.Here is a list:
complete maroon interior,(needs dash,steering column and floor shirter/console installed which I have)
Turbo ECM
Turbo harness
fuel rail
fuel harness
throttle body
front air dams
gta wheels
blacked out tail lights
GN hood
GN rear bumper
GN grille
Black front bezels
Qa1 front end components

Im sure there is some more. Like I said I would like to trade for a nice small block. not a thrown together engine. if anyone has any questions or wants pics I will be glad to send them. I dont really want to part the car out because it is so solid.
My asking price is $3300 OBO If I could post pics I would, sorry I only have dial up out here in the sticks and I cant load the pics.
Gold car

I am somewhat interested in the car as a driver since I love the gold cars but parts prices don't add up for me.
I would be much more interested in the car with at a real price with the tan LTD interior and stock hood with just the wheels. Shoot me a price you never know.